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March 3, 2013

A Look at 21st Century Gaming Tools

I thought I’d take a break from game reviews and share some thoughts on tools that I use to enhance my gaming experience. No, I’m not talking about screwdrivers or hammers but rather a few computer, smartphone and tablet tools I’ve found very useful.

No doubt it you search the internet or your phone or tablet storefronts, you’ll come across a variety of different tools. I’ve seen dice rollers, character sheets, initiative trackers, etc. I won’t be covering all of the vast variety of tools but simply the ones I’ve had some experience with which I use on a regular basis.

I’ve come to enjoy the Android platform for my phone and tablet so that’s where my experience lies.  [...]

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August 24, 2012

Car Wars to Return in 2013! Some Thoughts…

As reported during my interview with Andrew Hackard and Phil Reed of Steve Jackson Games, SJG is going to produce Car Wars next year. This was certainly a great thing to hear as I can say the title was one of the games Elliott, our friends, and I played quite a bit in high school. No word specifically if this will be another Kickstarter project, what will be included in the game, or if we will see a major reworking of the game’s mechanics.

I understand not all that long ago SJG made an attempt to reintroduce the classic to new gamers with rather lackluster (to say the least) sales numbers. The reasons behind this are many but, in my opinion, four issues really stood out [...]

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May 31, 2012

Jeff’s Ten Simple Rules for a Better Convention Experience – 2012 Edition

Once again I thought I’d lay out a few obvious, or at least obvious to me, thoughts about how to do your best to make your convention going experiences great for yourself and others since the con season is getting into swing. For the most part, these tidbits don’t require a whole lot of thought and really no monetary investment to pull off so they could easily be adopted by 95% of convention attendees without an issue. Of course, most of what I’ll share does require a modicum of common sense and a heap of common courtesy so you’ll have to take them for what they’re worth. The reality is almost all of these rules come naturally to just about all con visitors but, unfortunately, there [...]

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May 24, 2012

Gaming Scores Don’t Carry Over to Real Life

This time, rather than reviewing a game, I thought it would be cathartic to rant about some of my intense hatred for online multiplayer & MMO’s. Try to understand, I am fully aware of the appeal for these options in gaming, I just fail to see why most core gamers feel the need to be such douche bags while playing and there will be numerous examples of this mind set to follow.

As our amazing founder already knows, I’m an avid gamer. I owe much of that to him actually because, if not for Jeff, I would have been years behind the curve. He is solely responsible for talking me into buying my first PC – at first a relationship killer but I digress – and [...]

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