Thursday, February 22, 2018


Unboxing the April 2016 ‘Loot Anime’

Cameron McAleer joins Jeff as they look inside to see what anime inspired goodies have arrived from Loot Crate this month.

Unboxing the April 2016 ‘Quest’ Loot Crate

I break open the latest Loot Crate to see what's in store for subscribers this month. The theme for this crate is 'Quest' so let's see if it fits the bill.

April’s Loot Crate Theme is ‘Quest’

The upcoming Loot Crate theme was recently revealed and, for April, we can look forward to "Quest."

Unboxing the March 2016 Loot Crate: ‘VS’

Jeff takes a look inside the newest Loot Crate to uncover the goodies within which focus on the theme of "Versus."

Latest Loot Crate Theme is ‘Versus’

Every one loves to get their hands on cool stuff and one of the more interesting places to snag comics, apparel, and other miscellaneous goodies is through Loot Crate.

U.S. Post Office to Boldly Go Where No Man has Gone...

2016 will see the USPS release a four stamp series devoted to classic Star Trek (thus my using the term "no man" rather than "no one" in the title) featuring iconic images reminiscent of the show.

David Tennant and Catherine Tate Return to ‘Doctor Who’ for Big...

British audio entertainment giant Big Finish today announced actors David Tennant and Catherine Tate will be reprising their Doctor Who roles in three upcoming adventures.

A Visit to ‘The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe’ in Plainfield, Illinois

Upon entering The Wandering Dragon you’ll be struck by the coziness and, dare I say, hominess of the shop. Vaulted ceilings and dark grain wood nearly everywhere lead one to think they’ve just stepped into a local bistro, not a table top gaming store.

‘Chaldea: War Room’ Web Series Premieres

If you've got a little time to kill you should check out the first episode of a new fantasy web series, Chaldea: War Room, from one of the minds behind Gen Con.

San Diego Comic Con 2015: Missy Suicide and SuicideGirls

I had a chance to chat with SuicideGirls founder, Missy Suicide, about the Blackheart Burlesque tour - which had a performance at SDCC - as well as plenty of other goings on with the site.


Unboxing ‘Chariots of Rome’ on The Daily Dope for February 21st,...

Join Jeff for another wargame Wednesday with an unboxing of Chariots of Rome from Victory Point Games. Plus the latest gaming/geek culture news.