Thursday, September 21, 2017

Audiobooks and Old Time Radio

Halloween Spooktacular 2016 – Escape: ‘Evening Primrose’

In Evening Primrose, based on the John Collier short story, a self-centered poet comes up with the clever idea of sneaking inside a department store in order to live off the inventory. Little does he know he won't be alone when the store closes for the night.

Halloween Spooktacular 2016 – Lights Out!: ‘Valse Triste’

Arch Oboler is certainly a go to name when it came to producing excellent horror/suspense shows. Lights Out! is surely my favorite Oboler creation and...

Halloween Spooktacular 2016 – The Witch’s Tale: ‘The Devil Doctor’

Tonight's Spooktacular is The Devil Doctor. There's loads going on in this tale of witchcraft, black masses, and a return from beyond the grave. The Devil Doctor aired January 8th, 1934.

Halloween Spooktacular 2016 – CBSRMT: ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’

CBS Radio Mystery Theater adapted quite a few Edgar Allan Poe stories over the years and one of the more interesting was The Tell-Tale Heart.

Halloween Spooktacular 2016 – The Mysterious Traveler: ‘The Good Die Young’

A father comes home with his new bride, much to the surprise and disgust of his teenage daughter. The girl then begins to plot a multitude of ways to do away with her new stepmom.

Halloween Spooktacular 2016 – Quiet, Please: ‘Tanglefoot’

What to do when a common housefly isn't large enough to wear a collar or take for a walk around the block like most pets? Find a way to grow a giant fly of course!

Halloween Spooktacular 2016 – Suspense: ‘The Whole Town’s Sleeping’

While not really of a supernatural nature, The Whole Town's Sleeping is still an excellent tale where the tension builds as the story progresses.

Halloween Spooktacular 2016 – Dark Fantasy: ‘The Demon Tree’

In The Demon Tree, four friends find themselves bored while on holiday in England. To help pass time while they wait for a night stage back to London (and to investigate a story told to them by their innkeeper) the friends go in search of a mysterious tree.

Halloween Spooktacular 2016 – Columbia Workshop: ‘Carmilla’

Following an accident outside their home, the Dodge family takes in an injured young woman who then proceeds to intertwine her way into the household. Yet there seems to be more than just a strange twist of fate at work.

Halloween Spooktacular 2016 – Suspense: ‘The Dunwich Horror’

I have to sadly say H.P. Lovecraft's work didn't see many incarnations on the airwaves during the heyday of radio. Thankfully the well remembered series Suspense did take a run at the Cthulhu Mythos with The Dunwich Horror featuring Ronald Colem