Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Family Fun Zone

Archmage Origins (SolarFlare Games)

‘Archmage Origins’ Passes 50% Funding in First Kickstarter Hours

Our friends at SolarFlare Games are at it again with a new title which hit this morning on Kickstarter.
Flip Ships (Renegade Game Studios)

Dexterity Game ‘Flip Ships’ Coming from Renegade Game Studios This Summer

In Flip Ships, one to four players will attempt to defend the Earth from an invading alien fleet by, you guessed it, flipping the human ships at the enemy.
Mole Rats in Space Components (Peaceable Kingdom)

Matt Leacock Designed ‘Mole Rats in Space’ Now Available

Aimed for gamers ages seven and up, Mole Rats in Space allows two to four players to cooperate together to aid a group of mole rats in escaping a snake infested space station.
King of the Creepies (IDW Games)

Humorous Arena Battler ‘King of the Creepies’ Arrives This June

IDW Games has a beer and pretzels style game of arena combat on the horizon. While gladiatorial melee isn't normally a source of humor, King of the Creepies promises to be a light and funny card game.
Monopoly Current Tokens (Hasbro)

Millions Vote to Give ‘Monopoly’ Thimble the Boot

Millions of gamers around the world voted and now Hasbro has announced the thimble token will be dropped from future editions of the classic board game Monopoly.
Charterstone (Stonemaier Games)

Learn and Create as You Play with the Upcoming ‘Charterstone’ From Stonemaier Games

In Charterstone, one to six gamers will begin playing without ever having to refer to a rule book.
Great Scott! (Sinister Fish Games)

Create Mad Inventions in ‘Great Scott!’ from Sinister Fish Games

Great Scott! – The Game of Mad Invention allows three to five players to unleash their wildest creativity as they compete to be declared the victor at the Great Exhibition and named Royal Inventor.
Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty's Trail (IDW Games)

Sleuthing Gets Catty This June with ‘Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty’s Trail’

A cute looking deduction game is on the horizon, from IDW Games, as Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty’s Trail is set for a June release.
Spyfall 2 Beauty (Cryptozoic Entertainment)

‘Spyfall 2’ Available Now from Cryptozoic

Cue up the Bond music as Cryptozoic has released more wacky secret agent fun with Spyfall 2.

Build a Better Dog House This March With ‘Shiba Inu House’

Renegade Game Studios is following up on the success of Aza Chen's Kitty Paw with a title from the designer focused on man's best friend.
Nightmare Forest: Alien Invasion (SolarFlare Games)

‘Nightmare Forest: Alien Invasion’ Rockets Past Halfway Point of Kickstarter Goal in Six Hours

This new title happens to be the followup to Nightmare Forest: Dead Run and this time the players will cooperate together in order to defeat the expeditionary elements of an invasion from outer space.
Yeti (AEG)

A Not So Abominable Snowman: ‘Yeti’ Reviewed

The folks at AEG continue to release lighter, family friendly fare and now they've brought the Eurogame Yeti to North America.

Outside the Box: ‘Cauldron Quest’ from Peaceable Kingdom

Jeff takes a quick look at what you'll find when you crack open the box to Cauldron Quest from Peaceable Kingdom.

Outside the Box: ‘Race to the Treasure’ from Peaceable Kingdom

Jeff looks at the children's game Race for the Treasure, from Peaceable Kingdom. Young players cooperate to gather three keys and reach the treasure chest before an orge can make off with the spoils.
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