Saturday, March 24, 2018


‘Star Wars: Legion’ is Now in Stores

Star Wars: Legion takes you to the battlefields of the movie sagas in skirmish level miniatures action.

‘Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game’ is Now Available for Preorder

If Knight Models can deliver the same awesome sculpts as seen in previews, the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game will be a near must have for J. K. Rowling fans.

‘Monsterpocalypse’ to Return This Fall from Privateer Press

Privateer Press has revamped and redesigned the sculpts and gameplay to enhance an all new edition of city smashing, creature bashing fun.

Download the Newest Issue of ‘Figure Painter Magazine’

Miniatures gamers and painters who are looking for tips and tricks, and maybe a little inspiration, will want to check out the latest issue of Figure Painter Magazine.

‘Batman: Gotham City Chronicles’ Explodes Past $2.3 Million on Kickstarter

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is a miniatures driven board game utilizing many beloved DC Comics allies and adversaries of the Dark Knight.

Fantasy Flight Games Announce ‘Star Wars: Legion’ Launch Events March 22nd-25th

While some stores will begin demoing Star Wars: Legion on March 8th, FFG has revealed a special weekend of launch events running March 22nd - 25th.

Download the Latest Digital Issue of ‘Irregular Magazine’ Free

Irregular Magazine has released their newest forty page issue in PDF as a free download.

‘Wyrd Chronicles’ Volume 34 is Available for Free on DriveThruRPG

Fans of Wyrd Miniatures including their Malifaux line up of titles will be pleased to learn the new issue of Wyrd Chronicles is available for free over on DriveThruRPG.

A First Look at ‘Wreck Age: Second Edition’ on The Daily...

Jeff takes a look at the new rule book for the post-apocalyptic miniatures game Wreck Age from Hyacinth Games. Plus the latest gaming news.

The ‘Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game’ Enchants Kickstarter March 14th

The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game, from Knight Models, is sure to be a first day funded project as the sculpts look simply phenomenal.


‘Epic Card Game’ Reviewed on The Daily Dope for March 23rd,...

Today Jeff reviews the non-CCG Epic Card Game from White Wizard Games. Plus news from Fantasy Flight Games, Backspindle Games, Bundle of Holding and more.