Thursday, September 21, 2017


Reaper Miniatures for October 2nd, 2017

Reaper has revealed their latest wave of minis arriving at your FLGS this October 2nd. There's plenty of goodness on the horizon with a number of stand out sculpts.

Warlord Games Taking Pre-Orders for WWII Air Combat Game ‘Blood Red...

Warlord Games is now taking orders for the upcoming WWII mass air combat miniatures game Blood Red Skies.

Retooled Miniatures Battler ‘Dawn of the Archmage’ Returns to Kickstarter

In Dawn of the Archmage, two to four players battle it out using magic and monsters in order to be declared the supreme sorcerer.

‘Bolt Action: Tank War’ PDF Available Free in September from Warlord...

Warlord Games is making their core rulebook armored vehicle combat supplement for the WWII miniatures game Bolt Action available absolutely free for the month of September.

Outside the Box: ‘Folklore: The Affliction’ from Greenbrier Games

Jeff looks at all the gaming goodness packed into the new dark fantasy board game Folklore: The Affliction from Greenbrier Games.

Unearth ‘HeroClix: Undead’ from WizKids

WizKids has announced the HeroClix: Undead line of prepainted minis, for the ever popular HeroClix game system, are now available.

Gen Con 50: TGG Visits Scott Hill and Flying Frog Productions

Jeff wraps up the Gen Con interviews with Scott Hill of Flying Frog Productions. Thankfully, we were finally able to get Scott in front of the camera to talk all things FFP.

Late Pledges Still Available for ‘Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress’

The latest addition to the Shadows of Brimstone starter line up is on the horizon and, following a massive $1.11 million Kickstarter run, there's still time for you to get a late pledge in for Forbidden Fortress.

Reaper Miniatures for August 28th

Reaper has revealed their Dark Heaven Legends miniature releases for August 28th.

Cybermen and Daleks Go to War in ‘Doctor Who: Exterminate!’ Miniatures...

Warlord Games is taking full advantage of their license with the BBC to bring Doctor Who miniatures to the masses by releasing their first full fledged game box.