Thursday, February 22, 2018

Table Top Gaming

‘Rocks of Ruin’ to Expand ‘Explorers of the North Sea’ This...

The latest release in the North Sea series will expand Explorers of the North Sea with new game play options in Rocks of Ruin.

‘Aeon’s End: Legacy’ Nears 500% Funding on Kickstarter

Aeon's End: Legacy is the third title in the series and this stand alone deck builder promises on going action and adventure for your heroes over an entire campaign.

WizKids Announce ‘Endless Pass: A Viking Saga’ for April

This April WizKids will release a card game focused on Nordic heroes battling their way through hordes of monsters in Endless Pass: A Viking Saga.

Unboxing ‘Hero Realms’ on The Daily Dope for February 15th, 2018

Jeff takes a first look at the fantasy deck building game Hero Realms (as well as a slew of addons) from White Wizard Games. Plus the latest news.

‘Empires and Alliances’ is Arriving from Compass Games Next Week

Empires and Alliances brings the strategic challenges faced by The Allies and Central Powers in WWI Europe to your table top.

Martin Wallace’s ‘Wildlands’ is Coming from Osprey Games in Late 2018

In Wildlands, two to four players will enter a world of adventure as each looks to lead their faction to power over a fantasy kingdom in ruins.

Tackle Minimalist Post-Apocalyptic RPG Adventure in ‘Tiny Wastelands’ Now on Kickstarter

The latest title from Gallant Knight Games, Tiny Wastelands, takes a minimalist approach to post-apocalyptic roleplaying.

D&D is Going Digital with ‘Warriors of Waterdeep’ from Ludia and...

A new Dungeons and Dragons digital game is coming from developer Ludia and Wizards of the Coast.

The ‘Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game’ Enchants Kickstarter March 14th

The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game, from Knight Models, is sure to be a first day funded project as the sculpts look simply phenomenal.

Unboxing ‘Space Empires: Replicators’ on The Daily Dope for February 14th,...

Jeff takes a first look at the new expansion Space Empires: Replicators for Space Empires 4X from GMT Games. Plus the latest gaming news.


Unboxing ‘Chariots of Rome’ on The Daily Dope for February 21st,...

Join Jeff for another wargame Wednesday with an unboxing of Chariots of Rome from Victory Point Games. Plus the latest gaming/geek culture news.