Saturday, August 19, 2017

Table Top Gaming

Pre-order Physical ‘Star Trek Adventures’ Corebook and Score the PDF Right...

You certainly must live in the Delta Quadrant if you don't already know Star Trek Adventures is sure to be one of the hottest new roleplaying games releasing in 2017.

Final Hours to Back ‘The Lost Citadel’ Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy RPG on...

Green Ronin Publishing has an interesting looking 5th Edition roleplaying setting book which is about to finish its successful Kickstarter funding run.

Once More Unto the Breach: ‘Hull Breach – In Defiance of...

Folks may recall Jeff reviewed Hull Breach – Loyalty & Vigilance a few years back and that title was missing just a little extra something/final polish to push it into the realm of must haves for science fiction gaming fans.

‘The One Ring: Bree’ Now Available from Cubicle 7

Fans of The One Ring roleplaying game, from our friends at Cubicle 7, should take note the PDF edition of the Bree sourcebook is now available at DriveThruRPG.

Score Huge Savings on Classic ‘King Arthur Pendragon’ RPG at Bundle...

Over the years when someone is interested in running an Arthurian roleplaying campaign I always tell them to look no further than Greg Stafford's amazing Pendragon.

Outside the Box: ‘Lovecraft Letter’ from AEG

In Lovecraft Letter, two to six players try to emerge as the sole winner who uncovers the most arcane knowledge and eliminates their rivals in the world of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos.

Fantasy Flight Games Announces Setting-less RPG System ‘Genesys’

Fantasy Flight Games has announced their first foray into "generic" roleplaying systems with the upcoming Genesys corebook.

IDW Games Inks Licensing Deal to Produce ‘Planet of the Apes’...

IDW Games has entered into a licensing agreement with 20th Century Fox to produce a line up of titles based on the Planet of the Apes series of films.

WizKids Offers Massive Value with ‘Deep Cuts’ Miniatures Lines

Available for both Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder (or any fantasy game which tickles your fancy really) these primed but unpainted minis are not only designed to be very forgiving to fledgling painters but also pack a lot of punch for their price point.

Begin Your ‘Hunt for the Ring’ This Summer

Hunt for the Ring, for two to five players, places one player in the role of Frodo or Gandalf (depending on the scenario) as they try to elude the dark forces of Sauron who are hell bent on retrieving the One Ring.

Wrangle Robot Refuse This Fall with ‘Planet Defenders’

The galaxy needs cleaning up and this Fall you can lead a team of robots to keep planets safe from a stream of technological junk mucking up space.

This July Join the Unsung Heroes of Racing in ‘Pit Crew’

One crucial real world aspect of stock car racing which never seems to get enough love in gaming is the Pit Crew.

TGG Visits Renegade Game Studios at Origins 2017

Jeff meets with Renegade Game Studios' Sara Erickson as they discuss a massive slate of Renegade goodness at Origins 2017.

Elliott Miller and Jeff McAleer to Re-Team for New Gaming Podcast

I'm happy to announce something which both Elliott Miller (Voice of E) and I have been bouncing around for the past few months will be coming to fruition this August.
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