Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The War Room

Outside the Box: ‘Illusions of Glory’ from GMT Games

Jeff takes everything from GMT's new card driven strategic level WWI game, Illusions of Glory, outside the box.

‘Fields of Fire Second Edition’ Storming Into Game Stores

If you're looking for a truly challenging, tactical level solitaire WWII title then look no further than Fields of Fire Second Edition from GMT.

Don’t Miss Our Exclusive September Patreon Giveaways: ‘Space Empires 4X’ and...

For September 2017 we have Patreon giveaways of Space Empires 4X and Tomb of Annihilation!

‘Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid’ Has Landed for GMT

Players will have an opportunity to immerse themselves into the historical narrative surrounding the April 1942 U.S. strike against mainland Japan following the Pearl Harbor attack four months earlier.

‘Bolt Action: Tank War’ PDF Available Free in September from Warlord...

Warlord Games is making their core rulebook armored vehicle combat supplement for the WWII miniatures game Bolt Action available absolutely free for the month of September.

‘Red Horde 1920’ Now Available from Tiny Battle Publishing

A new operational level wargame tackling the 1920 Russian invasion of Poland has arrived from Tiny Battle Publishing.

‘Yaah! Magazine’ Issue #9 is Now Available

Eighty-four pages of gaming goodness is heading your way as Flying Pig Games newest issue of Yaah! magazine is ready to land in your hands.

Tiny Battle Releases ‘In the Trenches: 1916’

In the Trenches: 1916 is the latest release for the In the Trenches series, from Tiny Battle Publishing.

Save Some Green with Victory Point Game’s Annual Summer Sale

Our friends at Victory Point Games are currently running their annual Summer Sale and the time is ripe to save 10% on any of their titles through July 14th.

Once More Unto the Breach: ‘Hull Breach – In Defiance of...

Folks may recall Jeff reviewed Hull Breach – Loyalty & Vigilance a few years back and that title was missing just a little extra something/final polish to push it into the realm of must haves for science fiction gaming fans.