Friday, April 28, 2017

The War Room

Comanchería – The Rise and Fall of the Comanche Empire (GMT Games)

Lead the Comanche Peoples to Glory in GMT’s ‘Comanchería’

Designer Joel Toppen is following up on the success of Navajo Wars with a new solitaire release featuring another of Native America's historic tribes, the Comanche.
Night of Man: The Battle for Earth's Survival (Flying Pig Games)

Darkest Before the Dawn: ‘Night of Man’ Reviewed

The year is 2037 and the Earth has been thoroughly devastated by an alien invasion begun three years earlier. The vast majority of the world's population has been extinguished and the new alien overlords, known simply as Killers, continue to ruthlessly hunt down the remaining remnants of humanity.
1866: The Struggle for Supremacy in Germany (Compass Games)

‘1866: The Struggle for Supremacy in Germany’ Now Available from Compass Games

Grognards take note the latest release from Compass Games is now available and the subject this time out is the Austro-Prussian War of 1866.
Yaah! Magazine #8 (Flying Pig Games)

New Hermann Luttmann Game Included in Latest ‘Yaah! Magazine’

The latest issue of the Yaah! magazine is now available for pre-order and just also happens to include the latest game design, Race to the Sea 1914, from our pal Hermann Luttmann.
Sherman Leader (Dan Verssen Games)

Dan Verssen Games’ ‘Sherman Leader’ is on Kickstarter

As a big fan of DVG solo games like Field Commander: Napoleon and Thunderbolt - Apache Leader, I'm excited to see more WWII action is about to hit the table with Sherman Leader.

Outside the Box: ‘Night of Man’ from Flying Pig Games

Jeff looks at the science fiction wargame, Night of Man from Flying Pig Games. Following the successful invasion of Earth, the human resistance takes the fight to the alien overlords.

Outside the Box: ‘Triumph & Tragedy Second Edition’ from GMT Games

Jeff looks at the new edition of the grand strategy game Triumph & Tragedy from GMT Games.
Dead Reckoning (Tiny Battle Publishing)

Tiny Battle Black Friday Sale

Mark H. Walker's Tiny Battle Publishing is rolling out a Black Friday sale where everything in their online store will be discounted 25%.
Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front (Collins Epic Wargames)

Collins Epic Wargames Black Friday Sale

Our friend Byron Collins, of Collins Epic Wargames, has informed us of a Black Friday special for this weekend. You can now save big on the Spearpoint 1943 game series through Monday.
Order of Battle: Blitzkrieg Screen (Slitherine)

‘Order of Battle: Blitzkrieg’ Now Available from Slitherine

Order of Battle: Blitzkrieg adds over 200 new units as well as a revamped campaign and specialization system.

Outside the Box: ‘Conquest of Paradise Second Edition’ from GMT Games

Jeff looks at what you'll find with the new edition of Conquest of Paradise from GMT Games. Out of print since 2007, you'll now find additional solitaire rules and a mounted game board added to the mix.
House of Normandy (Hollandspiele)

‘House of Normandy’ Now Available from Hollandspiele

Four dynastic battles of William the Conqueror's descendants take center stage in the newest wargame from Hollandspiele.
Conquest of Paradise Second Edition (GMT Games)

Build a Pacific Empire in GMT’s ‘Conquest of Paradise’

GMT has released a second edition of their extremely well received Conquest of Paradise. This new printing of the highly sought after 2007 title even includes rules for solitaire play and a mounted map.
Hermann Luttman at ConsimExpo

Hermann Luttmann Named October’s BGG Wargame Designer of the Month

I'm mighty pleased to share the news that my good buddy Hermann Luttmann was chosen as this month's featured wargame designer at Board Game Geek.
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