Saturday, April 29, 2017

The War Room

Boardgame Legend Charles S. Roberts Passes at Age 80

From The Baltimore Sun August 28, 2010:Charles Swann Roberts died Aug. 20 from complications of emphysema and pneumonia at St. Agnes Hospital.In 1958, he...

Gaming Classics: Nuclear War

Back in the day when the real threat of nuclear annihilation was in the air, the doomsday clock ticked away, and the feel good...

Sneak Peek at Battles of Napoleon: The Eagle and the Lion

Grognards rejoice! Recently hitting shelves is Fantasy Flight Game’s Napoleon: The Eagle and the Lion.  Depicting ten major battles between Le Petite Dude Mort and...

Gaming Classics: ‘Fletcher Pratt’s Naval War Game’

One of the earliest games that I began to play, outside of D&D, was Fletcher Pratt's Naval War Game. It was freshman year and I was attending Lane Tech High School in Chicago.
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