Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Movie and TV Reviews

More Dwarves and Elves, Guest Starring a Hobbit – ‘The Hobbit:...

Personally, I enjoyed The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug as an action thrill ride as opposed to a by the book retelling of the children’s tale. The audience is treated to the most ferocious and awe inspiring dragon to ever menace a movie screen (impressively voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) as well as a truckload of spills and chills designed to put you on the edge of your seat. While the middle installment spins its wheels narratively, still requires a score card to tell who’s who, and ends on a mostly unsatisfactory cliffhanger the film is a good deal brisker and more entertaining than the initial offering.

The Shining Mania Meets the Tin Foil Hat Crowd: ‘Room 237’...

Is The Shining Kubick’s thinly veiled apology for personally faking the Apollo 11’s moon landing footage? Was Kubrick exploring the genocide of the Native American population?

Frankenstein AND Nazis?: A Review of ‘Frankenstein’s Army’

Even with its short comings, I honestly found this to be an enjoyable flick although I'll admit the behind the scenes footage included with the screener added to that enjoyment. I would give Frankenstein’s army a strong recommendation to rent first.

A Tuck Here, a Nip There: A Review of ‘American Mary’

American Mary is the latest horror film from Canadian “Twisted Twins” Jen and Sylvia Soska and tells the story of a financial strapped surgical student whose spur of the moment decision to score easy money begins a downward spiral into madness and murder.

Gory, Goofy, and a Hell of a Gruesome Good Time: ‘Evil...

Truth is Evil Dead of 2013 is very similar to the 1981 film in a lot of regards even though the execution is as different as night and day. Both films are E-ticket rides through a nightmare scenario which are sure to please fans of the horror genre.

Racist Horror? Horrible Racism?: A Review of ‘Ooga Booga’

Overall, Ooga Booga might be worth a buck rental from RedBox if you plan on gathering your friends for a night of enjoying your favorite mind altering substance while riffing on movies. Otherwise you can always watch this nasty little flick just so I’m not alone in my misery…

He’s Still “The Man” – A Review of ‘With Great Power:...

One needn’t be a diehard comic book reader nor line up for the opening to every Marvel related film to know the name Stan Lee. As opposed to his mainly forgotten comic book creative brethren Lee has, and no doubt, always will be front and center as more and more of his creations (or co-creations) continue to power a multibillion dollar genre of film.

Same Old Same Old: A Review of ‘Paranormal Activity 4’

Has the series run its course? Probably. The film was boring, with tired scare tactics and a thin plotline at best.

Nazis on the Moon?!?!?! Ja!!! ‘Iron Sky’ Reviewed

When I first heard of Iron Sky I thought it was simply a board game which involved a faction of Nazis escaping to the Moon in 1945 who then return to the Earth, in the twenty-teens, looking to crush all opposition under their lunar dusted boots.

These Femmes are Fatal! And That’s How I Like It… Cinemax’s...

I just got back from Comic-Con 2012 folks and I'm here with a review of the Cinemax After Dark episodic thriller Femme Fatales. Honestly,...

More Than Simply Honest Abe: ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Reviewed

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is the secret history of our 16th President in which we discover that Honest Abe (Benjamin Walker) not only preserved out Union and freed the slaves, but also protected us from the wave of vampirism that was sweeping across the nation

The Hunger Games Movie Review

Title: The Hunger GamesStudio: LionsgateReleased: 2012Rated: PG-13Genre: Sci-Fi, ActionStarring:Jennifer Lawrence – Katniss Everdeen Josh Hutcherson – Peeta Mellark Liam Hemsworth – Gale Hawthorne Woody Harrelson – Haymitch...

Mars Needs Heroes! John Carter Movie Review

Movie: John CarterReleased: 2012Rated: PG-13Genre: Sci-Fi, Action/AdventureDirector: Andrew StantonStarring:Taylor Kitsch – John Carter Lynn Collins – Dejah Thoris Thomas Haden Church – Tal Hajus Willem Dafoe –...
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