Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Table Top Gaming Reviews

TGG Reviews: ‘Abandon Ship!’ from AEG

Abandon Ship is without question a family game, not a serious gamer's game. I have played this with my family multiple times and we have had a blast every time. The rules are easy to learn, gameplay is simple, but there are enough options to keep the adults interested.

TGG Reviews: ‘Roll Through the Ages – The Bronze Age’ from...

Roll through the Ages is a lot of fun. The box is small, and they pack a lot of value into that small box. The components are of excellent quality. There are wooden boards and pegs, a very thick scorepad, and some very cool wooden dice.

Flickin’ Frackin’ Disks: A ‘Crokinole’ Review

The game is simple, delightful fun. Play is quick, and you can easily fall into either a deep silence or a constant stream of chatter back and forth. The boards are eye-catching, and if you have the space to have one set up in a corner for a game day, it’s a great way to keep late-comers occupied until the current longer game comes to an end.

TGG Reviews: ‘Warhammer – Invasion’ from Fantasy Flight Games

This was my first foray into the depths of the Living Card Game format touted by FFG. In essence, this means that you can play the game as bought, and there are expansions to the game that you can purchase to get more cards.

TGG Reviews: ‘Myth Pantheons’ from AEG

My first attempt to play this game was thwarted by the rulebook. It is fairly small, and so I believed the game could not be too complicated, and yet after several reads I was unable to comprehend the rules.

TGG Reviews: ‘Havana’ from Rio Grande

Very rarely can I say I don’t enjoy a Rio Grande game and I think owner Jay Tummelson (with whom we’ll have an exclusive interview in the next week or so) does a spectacular job of exposing American audiences to foreign developed games by publishing them in English. Having started the review with that sentence may lead you to believe I don’t like Havana and I wouldn’t want to give you that impression at all.

TGG Reviews: ‘Infinite City’ from AEG

A rich new world has opened up. Resources are plentiful, the economy is booming, and the capitol city of this new world is expanding like never before! Even though many corporations scramble to stake a claim in the exploding prosperity, only one can claim ownership! Who will take over the Infinite City?

TGG Reviews: ‘Mystery Rummy Case Number 1 – Jack the Ripper...

So your family likes to get together and play card games, eh? Consider Rummy, first one to 500 points wins right? Sure, it is fun, but truthfully it gets a little boring after a while. The same thing over and over. Are you looking to step up your game, to move out of the realm of “same old …same old” and try something new?

TGG Reviews: ‘Forbidden Island’

The goal of Forbidden Island is to collect four identical treasure cards for each treasure, move to one of two “special” tiles for that treasure to discard those cards and claim the treasure. After claiming the four treasures, you’ll need get all players to the helipad tile, and play a special card to be airlifted off the island. Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it?

TGG Reviews: ‘Defenders of the Realm’

If you’ve ever wondered what you might have if you mashed up Pandemic and Castle Panic into one game, Eagle Games' new Defenders of the Realm is going to be right up your alley. Defenders of the Realm is a game about a group of heroes valiantly fighting against an onslaught of creatures laying siege to the kingdom. It is a cooperative game, with the person who completes the most quests being crowned the King’s Champion.
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