Thursday, June 22, 2017

Video Game Reviews

Infection: Humanity's Last Gasp Mobile (Victory Point Games)

At the Brink of Extinction? ‘Infection: Humanity’s Last Gasp’ App Reviewed

It’s a known fact I really enjoyed Victory Point Games’ Infection: Humanity’s Last Gasp as a board game and recently the title was ported over to iOS, PC and Mac.
Hitman: Sniper (Square Enix)

Take a Deep Breath and Squeeze: ‘Hitman: Sniper’ Reviewed

One of the game demos we got our hands on at last year's San Diego Comic Con was Hitman: Sniper and this was a title I was itching to grab and play on my iPad.

Just Bring the Peanuts and Cracker Jack: A Review of ‘Out of the Park...

While Out of the Park Baseball simulates the sport better than any other game on the market...

Does OOTP Knock It Out Once Again?: A Review of ‘Out of the Park...

As serious sports gamers already know, the Out of the Park Baseball series stands head and shoulders above other text based baseball simulations on the market.

Sounds Like a Winner?: A Review of Plantronics ‘Rig’

While the Rig carries a $130 price tag, which seems a tad high, it’s certainly worth a buy for anyone looking for a multipurpose gaming headset. I would however recommend giving the Rig an in store test drive though, just to make sure it’ll fit your individual needs, before picking it up.

Grand Certainly is the Right Word: ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Reviewed

Grand Theft Auto V is Rockstar’s most ambitious title yet and although the subject matter and game style might not be every gamers cup of tea, it still doesn’t take away from the fact GTA V is easily one of the most impressive video games ever created.

Claim the New World for Your Own: A Review of Europa UniversaIis IV

Game Name: Europa UniversaIis IVPublisher: Paradox InteractiveDeveloper: Irrational GamesPlatform: PC/MacYear: 2013Players: SoloRating: 12+Retail Price: $44.99 for the Extreme EditionCategory: Crunchy historical empire builderI’ve had a soft spot for many of Paradox Interactive’s grand...

Not Your Daddy’s D&D: A Review of Neverwinter MMORPG

Game Name: NeverwinterDevelopers: Cryptic Studios and Perfect WorldPlatform: PCYear: 2013Players: Solo (MMO though)Ages: 13+Retail Price: Free to playCategory: Fantasy MMORPGNot being one of the millions of people enamored by massive multiplayer online games...

Once Again OOTP is a Grand Slam: A Review of Out of the Park...

Game Name: Out of the Park Baseball 14Publisher: Out of the Park DevelopmentsPlatform: PC, Mac and LinuxYear: 2013Players: Solo (with online leagues)Ages: 13+Retail Price:...

Soaring the Heights of Columbia: A Review of ‘Bioshock Infinite’

I’ll point out I’m not a fan of reviews which give away too much of the story of a movie, game, book or what have you as I think including spoilers is not only slipshod reporting but really a disservice to anyone who may be interested in purchasing the item being reviewed.

Dead Bang or Dead Weight?: A Review of Dead Space 3

Game Name: Dead Space 3Publisher: Electronic ArtsDeveloper: Visceral GamesPlatform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360Year: 2013Players: Solo, with two player contentRating: M (for Mature)Retail Price:...

A New Day (of the Dead): The Walking Dead Video Game Chapter One Reviewed

Game Name: The Walking Dead Video Game: Chapter OnePublisher and Developer: Telltale GamesPlatform: PC, Mac, PS3, Xbox 360 (iOS in Summer)Year: 2012Players: SoloRating: M...

Enhanced Might be a Slight Understatement – The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Enhanced...

Game Name: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Enhanced Edition)Publisher: Warner Brothers GamesDeveloper: CD Projekt RedPlatform: Xbox 360Year: 2012Players: SoloRating: M (for Mature)Retail Price: $59.99Category:...

Lovecraft Horror on the Go – Elder Sign: Omens Reviewed

I have to say, as an Android phone and tablet owner, many times I feel as if I’m a redheaded stepchild in terms of available mobile games (or any good meaty games in general) when it comes to the operating system; iOS has loads more excellent content to choose from
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