Thursday, September 21, 2017

TGG Media

First Look: ‘Adventures in Middle-earth: Wilderland Adventures’ from Cubicle 7 Entertainment

Jeff takes a quick look at the latest adventure supplement for Adventures in Middle-earth from Cubicle 7 Entertainment. Wilderland Adventures contains seven tales which can be run independently or combined into an overarching campaign.

Outside the Box: ‘Illusions of Glory’ from GMT Games

Jeff takes everything from GMT's new card driven strategic level WWI game, Illusions of Glory, outside the box.

Outside the Box: ‘This War of Mine: The Board Game’

Jeff takes everything from the hotly anticipated This War of Mine: The Board Game' outside the box.

Outside the Box: ‘Ice Cool’ from Brain Games

Jeff shows you what's included in the hit dexterity "flicking" game Ice Cool from Brain Games.

Outside the Box: ‘Hotshots’ from Fireside Games

Jeff cracks open the latest release from Fireside Games. In Hotshots, designed by Justin De Witt, one to four players co-operate to try and extinguish a raging wildfire.

Outside the Box: ‘Folklore: The Affliction’ from Greenbrier Games

Jeff looks at all the gaming goodness packed into the new dark fantasy board game Folklore: The Affliction from Greenbrier Games.

‘The Other Guys’ Episode #1: ‘Bärenpark’ and ‘Tiny Epic Western’ Reviewed

Lock the doors, hide the kids, and stash your valuables as Elliott Miller (Voice of E) and our very own Jeff McAleer have teamed up once again for an all new table top gaming and geek culture podcast.

Gen Con 50: TGG Visits Scott Hill and Flying Frog Productions

Jeff wraps up the Gen Con interviews with Scott Hill of Flying Frog Productions. Thankfully, we were finally able to get Scott in front of the camera to talk all things FFP.

Gen Con 50: TGG Visits Brain Games and Brandan Parsons

Jeff stops by the Brain Games booth to talk with Brandan Parsons about the multi-award winning Ice Cool as well as three new kids games.

Gen Con 50: TGG Visits Alison Haislip at Iello Games

Jeff sits down to talk with actress Alison Haislip (Iello Games' new brand ambassador) about table top gaming, Iello, her favorite games, and more.