Friday, April 28, 2017

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Outside the Box: ‘Race to the Treasure’ from Peaceable Kingdom

Jeff looks at the children's game Race for the Treasure, from Peaceable Kingdom. Young players cooperate to gather three keys and reach the treasure chest before an orge can make off with the spoils.

Unboxing the December 2016 Loot Anime

Jeff cracks open the latest Loot Anime crate from Loot Crate and Crunchyroll. Amazingly, he's not utterly clueless in regards to all the shows the items are from this month.

Outside the Box: ‘Night of Man’ from Flying Pig Games

Jeff looks at the science fiction wargame, Night of Man from Flying Pig Games. Following the successful invasion of Earth, the human resistance takes the fight to the alien overlords.

Outside the Box: ‘Triumph & Tragedy Second Edition’ from GMT Games

Jeff looks at the new edition of the grand strategy game Triumph & Tragedy from GMT Games.

Outside the Box: ‘7th Sea Second Edition’ RPG from John Wick Presents

Jeff shares what you'll find when you crack open the all new 7th Sea Second Edition corebook from John Wick Presents

Outside the Box: 1846 – Race for the Midwest

Jeff looks at the new edition of 1846 from GMT Games. This 18xx game was originally released in 2005 and GMT has improved the component quality and added a fifth player.

Outside the Box: ‘Doctor Who – Dalek Dice’ from Cubicle 7 Entertainment

Jeff looks at the Doctor Who themed "push your luck" dice game from Cubicle 7 Entertainment. In Dalek Dice, players compete to exterminate as many humans as they can before the Doctor can foil their plans.

Outside the Box: ‘Evolution: Climate’ from NorthStar Games

In Evolution: Climate, two to six players aim to adapt their species to an ever changing environment. The Evolution series is actually scientifically based and been featured in Nature magazine.

Outside the Box: ‘Conquest of Paradise Second Edition’ from GMT Games

Jeff looks at what you'll find with the new edition of Conquest of Paradise from GMT Games. Out of print since 2007, you'll now find additional solitaire rules and a mounted game board added to the mix.

Outside the Box: ‘Bloc by Bloc’ from Out of Order Games

Jeff looks at the new game of urban uprising from Out of Order Games. In Bloc by Bloc: The Insurrection Game two to four players represent different factions looking to overthrow the leadership of a city run by an oppressive government.

Outside the Box: ‘Yeti’ from AEG

Jeff looks at the new tactical dice game from AEG. In Yeti, two to five players complete to track down the elusive creature.

Outside the Box: ‘Grand Prix’ from GMT Games

TGG's Jeff McAleer tackles Jeff and Carla Horger's Grand Prix, their follow up to the hit GMT game Thunder Alley. This time out two to eleven players can take on the world of international open wheel, formula one racing round the globe.

Outside the Box: ‘Theomachy’ from Petersen Entertainment and Historical Games Factory

Jeff looks at the card game Theomachy from Petersen Entertainment and Historical Games Factory. In Theomachy, up to four players take on the roles of deities battling to gain the most worshipers.

Outside the Box: ‘Fantahzee: Hordes & Heroes’ from AEG

Outside the Box: 'Fantahzee: Hordes & Heroes' from AEG
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