Fans of the Napoleonic era will want to take note Victory Point Games has released Hundred Days 20, featuring the battles of Tolentino and Waterloo.

Following the complete train wreck of a fiasco the Up Front! Kickstarter turned out to be, through Valley Games/Radiant Games/Whatever They Were Calling...

West Wind Productions have launched an update to their popular Secrets of the Third Reich miniatures game through Kickstarter.

Following more than a year of complete silence in regards to both the Up Front! and Airborne in Your Pocket Kickstarter projects, Rik Falch...

One Small Step Games has a second project up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter and this time the subject matter is the immensely destructive Thirty Years War.

My buddy Hermann Luttmann's latest design is now available for order at Revolution Games. Stonewall's Sword tackles the 1862 battle of Cedar Mountain and will be shipping out later this month.

Mark Walker of both Lock N Load Publishing and Flying Pig Games has announced the first issue of the new gaming magazine Yaah! will be arriving on the scene later this month.

Regardless if you look at the Vietnam War as a nation winning a war but losing a peace, an example of a repressed people rising against a corrupt puppet government, something in between, or even a thing altogether different, Fire in the Lake deserves a place on any serious wargamer’s shelf.

One of the classic accounts of England’s WWII Bomber Command is Enemy Coast Ahead written by Guy Gibson and now designer Jeremy White has taken Gibson’s account of the May 1943 Operation Chastise and created an interesting and detailed game aimed at simulating the raid.

An unusual Euro-style take on a post-apocalyptic future just recently launched on Kickstarter. The 5th Land, from newcomers Prime Alien Watch Squad, is a mashup of resource management and wargaming set in a world in which the ice caps have melted.

Warlord Games has released the latest supplement for their Black Powder early gunpowder era miniatures system. Black Powder: Blood on the Nile focuses on the 1884 Mahdist Revolt which pitted the forces of the desert Mahdi (Muhammad Ahmad ibn as Sayyid Abd Allah), struggling to throw off foreign rule of Egypt, against the greatest fighting force of the Victorian age: the British Army.

With eleven days left to pledge your support, Mark H. Walker's Night of Man is closing in on its $11k Kickstarter goal. As what looks to be the first title from the new imprint Flying Pig Games - Walker is best known for plenty of games through Lock n' Load Publishing - Night of Man is a card driven game of SF tactical combat set in a near Earth future where our planet is under alien attack.