Sometimes it can be rather difficult to score the perfect holiday gift for the discerning gamer in your life. That's why we're here to present (in no particular order) a fine selection of titles which are sure to please both newcomers to the hobby and longtime hardcore gamers.
Mark H. Walkers '65 (Flying Pig Games)

The latest wargame on the horizon from Flying Pig Games is already at 200% of its funding goal as it enters the final day on Kickstarter.
Invaders from Dimension X (Tiny Battle Publishing)

The premise is this: Humanity has taken to the stars and established colonies throughout the galaxy and, as in just about all science fiction, mankind finds they are not alone among the stars.
Heavy Steam Box Art (Greenbrier Games)

I’ll admit when I first learned about Heavy Steam, and its Kickstarter project, from the folks at Greenbrier I was a bit skeptical. Here was a game which looked like a Euro but wasn’t a Euro while it also came across as being a wargame without being a wargame.
Mark H. Walkers '65 (Flying Pig Games)

65': Squad Level Combat in Vietnam brings a card driven element to hex and counter wargaming leading to fast and furious early Vietnam War era battles.
The U.S Civil War (GMT Games)

Grognards who love tackling the American Civil War will want to take note of one the latest releases coming from GMT Games. The U.S. Civil War, designed by Mark Simonitch, will cover the entire duration of the War Between the States on a strategic level for two players.
Invaders from Dimension X (Tiny Battle Publishing)

In Invaders from Dimension X, the Galactic Marines do battle with mysterious aliens bent on the enslavement of the human colonists of Brea 7.
Conflict of Heroes Solo Boardgame System (Academy Games)

One of our favorite wargames around here is Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear (check out my review here) and Academy Games is soon releasing an update to the entire CoH system which allows for solitaire play.

Jeff takes Heavy Steam outside the box to see exactly what you'll find in the Greenbrier Games steampunk game. Two to four players do battle with massive steam titans in an alternate Victorian era.

I look at the new Mark Herman design Churchill, from GMT Games. For one to three players, Churchill is a cooperative game where the major Allies of WWII look to not only defeat the Axis forces but also position their nation for the best post-war footing.
Hundred Days 20 (Victory Point Games)

Fans of the Napoleonic era will want to take note Victory Point Games has released Hundred Days 20, featuring the battles of Tolentino and Waterloo.

Following the complete train wreck of a fiasco the Up Front! Kickstarter turned out to be, through Valley Games/Radiant Games/Whatever They Were Calling...

West Wind Productions have launched an update to their popular Secrets of the Third Reich miniatures game through Kickstarter.

Following more than a year of complete silence in regards to both the Up Front! and Airborne in Your Pocket Kickstarter projects, Rik Falch...



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