TGG Outside the Box: ‘Talon’ from GMT Games

A look at what you'll find with the latest science fiction game from GMT, Talon. Two to six players control fleets of capital ships slugging it out in space as the Terran and Talon forces clash.
V-Wars (IDW Games)

IDW Games Unleashes ‘V-Wars’ This Week

An interesting looking horror/political/military mash up is arriving this week from IDW Games.
Platoon Commander: Korea 1950 (Tiny Battle Publishing)

‘Platoon Commander: Korea 1950’ Available from Tiny Battle Publishing

The latest small footprint wargame has arrived from Tiny Battle Publishing. In Platoon Commander: Korea 1950 two players tackle the Korean War in a fast paced, yet easily accessible, tactical system designed for both newcomers to the genre and long time grognards.
Talon (GMT Games)

Space Fleets Do Battle in ‘Talon’ from GMT

Talon is a space fleet game, for two to six players, where the focus is on capital ships slugging it out.
Airfix Battles (Modiphius Entertainment)

‘Airfix Battles’ Now Available for Preorder

Airfix Battles allows players to easily explore the exciting genre of WWII miniatures gaming, although you have to provide the minis, at an introductory level and at an introductory price.
Silent Victory (GMT Games)

‘Silent Victory’ Available From Consim Press

Building on the game engine which drives The Hunters, Consim Press has brought the American side of the undersea WWII action in the Pacific to solitaire gamers.
Liberty or Death (GMT Games)

‘Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection’ Coming Soon from GMT Games

In Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection up to four players will control the British, American, French, and Indian factions as the independence of a fledgling nation hangs in the balance.

Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Gamer

Sometimes it can be rather difficult to score the perfect holiday gift for the discerning gamer in your life. That's why we're here to present (in no particular order) a fine selection of titles which are sure to please both newcomers to the hobby and longtime hardcore gamers.
Mark H. Walkers '65 (Flying Pig Games)

‘Mark H. Walker’s ’65 Squad-Level Combat in Vietnam’ Enters Final Day on Kickstarter

The latest wargame on the horizon from Flying Pig Games is already at 200% of its funding goal as it enters the final day on Kickstarter.
Invaders from Dimension X (Tiny Battle Publishing)

Utter Chaos in Space: ‘Invaders from Dimension X’ Reviewed

The premise is this: Humanity has taken to the stars and established colonies throughout the galaxy and, as in just about all science fiction, mankind finds they are not alone among the stars.
Heavy Steam Box Art (Greenbrier Games)

Fix Targets and Full Steam Ahead!: A Review of ‘Heavy Steam’ from Greenbrier Games

I’ll admit when I first learned about Heavy Steam, and its Kickstarter project, from the folks at Greenbrier I was a bit skeptical. Here was a game which looked like a Euro but wasn’t a Euro while it also came across as being a wargame without being a wargame.
Mark H. Walkers '65 (Flying Pig Games)

‘Mark H. Walker’s ’65: Squad Level Combat in the Jungles of Vietnam’ Nears Funding...

65': Squad Level Combat in Vietnam brings a card driven element to hex and counter wargaming leading to fast and furious early Vietnam War era battles.
The U.S Civil War (GMT Games)

‘The U.S. Civil War’ Coming from GMT Games

Grognards who love tackling the American Civil War will want to take note of one the latest releases coming from GMT Games. The U.S. Civil War, designed by Mark Simonitch, will cover the entire duration of the War Between the States on a strategic level for two players.
Invaders from Dimension X (Tiny Battle Publishing)

‘Invaders from Dimension X’ Arrives from Tiny Battle Publishing

In Invaders from Dimension X, the Galactic Marines do battle with mysterious aliens bent on the enslavement of the human colonists of Brea 7.