DC Shows Chris Roberson the Door

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DC Comics has ended their relationship with Chris Roberson following the writer’s tweets this past Friday. “Sorry to disappoint anyone, but I won’t be writing a Fairest arc after all,” Roberson tweeted.

“It was decided my services were no longer required.”

Obviously, DC didn’t appreciate Roberson taking them to the woodshed with his comments about the treatment creative talent receives from the comic giant. Roberson was set to complete his commitment to DC with a planned run on the Vertigo imprint Fairest but that’s now out of the question.

I’m sure the dismissal came as no surprise to Roberson, since there would have been no way for DC to stand by while Chris spoke his mind – regardless of how spot on his thoughts about the industry may have been. Roberson has pointed out he has been paid for the work he submitted to DC to this point.