5 Must-Play Music Games That Really Hit the Note

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SimpsonsSongs (Source: @deathcabdan via Twitter)When it comes to video games, inspiration is everywhere. If you can think of it, there’s probably a game somewhere that incorporates it – or something similar. Some games are made purely for escapist pleasure; some are made to enhance and enrich the player’s life. And some are made to enhance their ear – their music ear that is. Games that improve musical skill seem almost futuristic in that they can genuinely help improve singing ability, instrument ability, and even the ear for notes and musical appreciation. Let’s count down the top 5 music based games that really hit the right notes.

5. Singstar

An old favourite of the PS2 days, Singstar incorporates karaoke without the anxiety of standing on stage in front of people singing. The game can be played solo or in a group, and comes with a microphone and a jukebox of cheesy tunes to help players improve their singing ability. Whether they can sing better or not after the game still stands to be proven but the game does help players improve their ear for hitting the right notes. And maybe shows a few home truths to X Factor hopefuls that their family were too afraid to tell them.

4. In Jazz

While not the first thing you’d think of when it comes to music games, the new jazz slot game, In Jazz, can actually be beneficial to music maestros. Not only does the game further the player’s appreciation for jazz but the act of doing something else while concentrating on sounds, like audiobooks or music, will give the player an opportunity to practice multitasking – something vital for any musician, as it helps subconsciously take things in. The game, which can be played on the Vegas Casino website, combines classic slot gameplay with the sultry sounds of the 1930s jazz scene – and will have players humming along as they spin.  

3. Guitar Hero

JamminPooch (Source: @judice_priest via Twitter)During its heyday, Guitar Hero found fame as a selling point for live exhibitions in stores and as a pull for a lot of parties in people’s houses. The game didn’t really enhance your guitar ability, with the buttons representing the various notes and chords. However, the game did help with the dexterity needed to pluck at the guitar strings quickly and accurately. If nothing else, Guitar Hero worked to train would-be guitarists in a fun way before the years of tuning and strumming one chord would stand in the way of their rock star career.

2. Vanido – Singing App

Singing app Vanido claims to be able to help train people to sing properly. With a selection of exercises to help hit the right notes and measure pitch, the app can accurately help singers with their vocals. The app helps give a grasp of scales and how to hold your diaphragm as you sing – and, with only 3 games available per day, it can quickly be incorporated into the user’s daily routine.

1. DJ Hero

Much like Guitar Hero, DJ Hero came equipped with its own exclusive equipment – a DJ deck that helped players harness their inner DJ to wow friends with a glimpse into their own personal club. DJ Hero, more so than the others, really offers players a chance to experience something they would likely never experience. Guitars are fairly cheap and voiceboxes and ears come free but DJ decks cost a lot of money and are really only for serious DJs. If games are escapist fantasy, DJ Hero is the music gamer’s best friend.   

There you have it. Music is in everyday life, and games developers have really honed in on how to make the most out of our love for being musical. But, the best games are the ones that also help you along with your vocal abilities, your dexterity, or your multitasking. There’s no such thing as too much practice to make a good musician.

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