’12 Realms: Dungeonlands’ Hits 50% Kickstarter Funding in First 24 Hours

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12 Realms: Dungeonland (MAGE Company)The latest title in the 12 Realms series, from MAGE Company, began its crowdfunding campaign yesterday and has already passed the halfway point toward a $55k Kickstarter goal. 12 Realms: Dungeonland is a standalone title where one to four players adventure across a fairy tale land which has been twisted by dark magics. The title is expected sometime in April 2018 and you can pledge your support – and reserve a copy of the game – at the $90.00 level.

About the project:

The standalone game 12 Realms: Dungeonland expands the fairytale world with a dungeon-crawling game by Twisted Brothers in which powerful magic has mutated the lands of the 12 realms, invading their tales and attempting to change them forever.

Evil spreads everywhere, twisting and mixing the tales in sinister stories where the ending is never good. Horrific villains have come back for their revenge on the heroes of the tales, this time more dangerous than ever. The source of this magic is unknown, yet whispers of an ancient evil spread through the lands. The once green fields and lush forests are now dark and dead as nothing grows anymore and all the beauty of the realms is gone. With more tales being affected by the dark magic every day the heroes of the tales combine their powers to save the 12 realms and banish this evil once and for all.

12 Realms: Dungeonland Components (MAGE Company)In the game, the players take on the roles of famous folklore characters like Little Riding Hood and Prince Charming, each with a unique ability, then attempt to travel across the tales to stop the great villains that have returned by dark magic to change their endings to bad ones and cast the realms into eternal darkness. In their quest to fight this great evil, the heroes face great challenges, but they will have at their disposal powerful weapons, skills, and ancient magic. They will travel across many tales gathering clues about the source of this mysterious evil, while fighting for their lives using a unique combat system that features a set of completely custom dice. Through their adventures, the heroes will gather experience, hone their skills or acquire new ones using an innovative skill-tree system offering tons of customization and options, collect gold, and find powerful artifacts to aid them against the foul magic that has spread through the lands.

The heroes will face strong villains and their minions with a new A.I. system that allows the bosses to react to certain circumstances while utilizing amazing abilities that will challenge the heroes’ might and resourcefulness. The battle for the 12 realms has just begun, yet time grows short as more and more tales are being corrupted by this foul magic. Will the heroes be able to find and stop the source behind it before it’s too late, or will the tales be lost forever into twisted evil versions of themselves?

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