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Dungeon Crawl with Asmodee’s Tschak!

by Jeff McAleerMarch 21, 2012

Coming to stores this week from Asmodee Editions is Tschak!, a Gameworks game designed by Dominique Ehrhard. The game allows 2-4 adventurers to compete to steal away the most treasure from a monster filled dungeon. Will you play as a warrior, wizard, or dwarf in this fast playing card game?

From Asmodee:

Get the treasures, avoid the monsters.

Four successive dungeons, three levels each, and as many treasures guarded by various creatures. To explore all this, you will have to manage your adventurers as skillfully as possible, while keeping an eye on your opponents who want as much as you to get all the treasures and no monsters.

Round after round, the cards travel from player to player, so that everybody gets to play with the same hands of cards. No luck involved? Nah, actually there is some!


-A “dungeon crawling” universe.

-Tactical challenge of playing the other players’ hand!

-A funny game filled with strategic decisions.

Tschak! Cards

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Jeff McAleer
Jeff McAleer
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