Free Magic Tournament this Saturday

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This September 10th, Wizards of the Coast is hosting a Magic Celebration at hobby stores worldwide. Every participant will be able to take part in a free Magic the Gathering Mini-Masters tournament.

A Mini-Masters tournament is simple. Each player needs a single booster pack of Magic cards. Without looking at the contents, each player opens his or her pack and adds in three of each basic land. They then shuffle up and play a game of Magic just like normal. Because players don’t know what cards are in their decks, Mini-Master offers up the same surprises players get when they open a fresh new pack of Magic cards. Is the rare you’re hoping to open going to help you beat your opponent? Or will you lose the game but still walk away happy with the cards you managed to crack? Mini-Master is great for letting you play with new cards while still keeping the excitement of opening a new booster!

Everyone receives a free booster pack of Magic 2012 to play with. Plus, you will receive an extra pack for each round of the tournament you win. So you could win up to five free booster packs, and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Finally, Players participating in a Magic Celebration event can receive a code card from the retailer for the gaming platform of their choice for a cool digital item from Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012.

Visit the Wizards of the Coast Website to find a participating retailer near you.