Heroes of the Gap Expands with Honneur et Patrie

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Lock n’ Load: Heroes of the Gap is getting ready to bring the French into the fray of World War III. The expansion,  Honneur et Patrie, has been added to the Lock n’ Load P500 system with a funding cut off date of Thanksgiving 2011.

From LnL:

Honneur & Patrie (Honor and Fatherland) is the first expansion for Lock ‘n Load: Heroes of the Gap. The expansion introduces the French army into the third war to end all wars. Highlighting the fighting in not only West Germany, but also right into Paris, Honneur & Patrie features French conscripts, the Foreign Legion, Paratroopers, and lots of tanks. You’ll match AMX30 B-2 tanks against the best Russian armor, direct Jaguar airstrikes, and recon enemy positions with ERC-90 and AMX 10RC armored cars.

 The title debuts a new preorder system trial. We either get the money we need before Thanksgiving, or we don’t publish. If we do get the funding, we guarantee the shipping date. We also offer purchasers lots of options, from a $5 donation, to a $2000 hand-delivered, numbered/initialed boxed copy, with the gamer’s image and name on a Leader counter. Check out the game and the preorder system at http://www.locknloadgame.com.