I Built It Games Lets You Do It Yourself

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I Built It Games is a fairly new gaming company that lets families make their own personalized games with their game kits. They have several classic games that you can paint, color, add your own photographs and more. Its a nice way to spend an afternoon with the kids, and then you get to play the games when you are done.

Their library includes such classics as:

Chess:  Instantly customize this amazing chess set! These familiar yet uniquely shaped chess pieces easily hold your favorite pictures. You can add photos of family and friends, or choose any of your favorite themes by simply adding or changing out the pictures…

Checkers: These “I Built It!” checkers let you choose any of your favorite pictures and add them right into every game piece. Choose family photos to make a personalized game – try out the kids vs. the grownups, or use stickers to create a game with your favorite super heroes against the villains. Any pictures… any photos…even your own artwork can be used to create a one of a kind checker set that reflects your own special personality, interests and hobbies. You can even build learning into your game by adding pictures of important people, places, and things!

Snakes and Ladders:  The over-sized 24 inch game board has amazing artwork… and fewer spaces… to help keep the game moving quickly and hold the interest of active preschoolers! Of course the best part is letting children add photos, draw, or color to create their own game pieces! With all the fun of being creative with crayons, stickers, markers or paint… every child ends up feeling like a winner in this special “I BUILT IT!” game of Snakes & Ladders!

Memory Match:  This memory matching game is extra special because you and your child get to add your favorite pictures to match in your very own game. The challenge is to start with all 18 game pieces upside down, then turn over and match any two pictures that could include pictures of mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, playmates, favorite toys, cartoon characters and more! You and your child get to choose any pictures you want- you could even use your child’s own artwork in the game. You can use photos, stickers, cut outs from magazines, or colorful crayons, glitter and glue. A sample coloring sheet is included so you can quick start your game by coloring in the matching pairs of ocean themed pictures and adding them into your game. Many more coloring sheets are available as free downloads from this website including our new 3D shapes and numbers! We even include 2 pair of 3d glasses for extra FUN!

Monsters Ludo:  This fun variation of Ludo lets you kick those pesky monsters out of your closet and move them around the board to send them back to a cave where they belong! But watch out, if another players monster catches up to you, your monster will go running back to hide in the closet all over again! And just like all of our I built it games, kids get to draw and color their own fun monster pictures to create their very own game pieces!