Knights and Magick Classic Miniatures Rule Set Back in Print Here at TGG!

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One of my favorite historical/fantasy miniatures systems has always been Knights and Magick from long defunct Heritage USA. There was just something about the rules which were easy enough yet had extra flavor to the make battles unique and interesting. Add to this a pretty robust campaign system – which wasn’t impossible to implement – and I can certainly say Elliott, our high school friends, and I had one hell of a time playing! Unfortunately, Heritage went the way of the dodo around twenty five years ago and the Knights and Magick rules hadn’t seen print since they originally came out in 1980. Thankfully you can still get many of the old Heritage miniatures through Classic Miniatures and our pals at Reaper but you just couldn’t score a copy of K&M without heading to the secondary market and paying top dollar. For the most part you’d be getting a bit of a dog eared copy and when I would see the game available online nearly always the indication was the set wasn’t complete; for some reason most people had lost the fifth volume to the rules, a half sized book for magic.

Now I’m happy to say you can get your hands on the complete classic rule set right here at TGG! Although we’re talking about the classic edition of K&M the digital rule book PDFs are bookmarked and completely searchable, making them perfect to bring along on the go with a laptop or tablet. Of course, you can put them on your phone too but I think you’d have some issues with the screen size…

Check out a quick sneak peek here.

Knights and Magic Volume IIIThat’s not all though! In late 2017/early 2018 we’ll bring an all new edition of Knights and Magick to the public. This will be a full color rulebook which reimagines all the best of K&M, improving and streamlining the rules while bringing you more adventures, campaigns, monsters, magicks, as well as more armies and heroes. Or, in other words, a focus on adding to what makes Knights and Magick a ton of fun! We’re talking loads of goodies including lots of photography of minis from some of your favorite companies like Reaper, Warlord Games, and the aforementioned Classic! There’ll even be a full color guide to get started painting!

I have quite a lot planned for the new system and will be releasing attractive (and attractively priced) supplements.

All that’s in the future though, so let’s focus on the present and that means classic Knights and Magick!

Speaking of the classic rules they include:

Volume I: Game Rules and Systems – Forty five pages of basic and advanced rules to get you started including Jousts, Tournaments, Fortresses, and Sieges.

Volume II: Recruiting and Preparing Armies – Forty five pages devoted to not only painting and basing your minis but also an extensive section of heraldry as well as fantasy and historical army lists. Want to put an army of undead and demons up against an historic army from the period of feudal Poland? Yep! You can do that!

Volume III: Adventures, Scenarios, and Campaigns –I always felt one of the strongest aspects of Knights and Magic is the campaign system; as in it’s one which is actually playable! Here you’ll find forty one pages of adventures (both small and large), campaign rules including a sample well worth playing, and designer notes.

Volume IV: Monster Index – It can’t be a fantasy game without monsters! Twenty eight pages of beasties to bring to the gaming table including many tried and true creatures of the genre. Personally, I’ve always thought this was a bit on the skimpy side but that will be remedied by upcoming supplements.

Volume V: Magick Index – Another area which I thought was a bit lacking with K&M, back in the day, but will be addressed in supplements. Still, there’s good stuff to be found in the fourteen pages of spells both for battles and for use in campaigns.

So help support The Gaming Gang with your purchase as well as give us a hand in launching the next generation of Knights and Magick sometime in 2018!

The rules are available as a 197 page tome in the following editions:

Softcover – 8.5″ x 11″, perfect binding, white interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink for $26.95

Coil Bound – 8.5″ x 11″, coil binding, white interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink for $34.95

Hardcover – 8.25″ x 10.75″, casewrap-hardcover binding, white interior paper (50# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink for $42.95

The electronic download PDF is available as well for $12.95. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive the PDF link as PayPal doesn’t seem to always forward correctly to a completed purchase page and sometimes Jeff is in the middle of a road trip and might miss an email.

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  1. Wow, a lot of stuff in the download. Skimmed thru the pdf; the fact that the game can be used for individual combat(jousting!) all the up to castle sieges is very cool. Also, I think the price is worth it, just for the historical content. Looking forward to the 21st century version…The beginning of the end of Games Workshop hegemony???:)

  2. Just checked out the PDFs. I’m really enjoying everything I’m learning about this one. Never heard of this game growing up but I’m definitely looking forward to your revamped edition!

  3. Thanks to Floyd Canada for catching Volume I : Game Rules And Systems is missing page 31. and Volume III : Adventures, Scenarios, And Campaigns is missing page 19. Grrrr!!! I know exactly what pages they are too as they took more work than most of the rest to clean up. The good news is the files are available and all I have to do is add the pages to each of the books and then reformat for search and bookmarks.

    The bad news is I’m on the road and won’t be back home, where the files are, until this weekend at the earliest and the middle of next week at the latest. What I’ll do as soon as I get home is fix the books and email the links to the new books for everyone who’s made a purchase to get the replacements.

    I can’t believe I missed those two pages!!!!

  4. How does one search for the old figs on Reaper’s site? Will the figs from Merlin be included, or will that be a different expansion? I have Merlin, but have not played it.

  5. I can’t tell you exactly what figs in the Reaper line were originally Heritage but I was informed they picked up quite a few of the molds. I can’t say if they’re in production or not but when I have a chance to get in front of a computer I’ll reach out to Ed Pugh to see what can be learned.

  6. I’m glad everyone is enjoying this release of Knights and Magic. I couldn’t believe that Jeff was able to get such a nice copy put together. Man, what great memories this conjures up. It makes me want to play all over again after all these years. He has such great ideas for the 2nd edition too, which will be even better when it comes together. I had heard that is has been nearly impossible to get a copy of the spell book, and yet Jeff came up with it. Great job my friend. You of course realize we are going to have to put some games together when you head into town, although I’m not sure how, lol.

  7. Greetings. I hope to obtain a copy of these rules, and utilize them with my Schleich, Papo, Safari, and Bullyland Knights; in 90mm scale.
    Glad to see the game returning.

  8. Scanning in my old set too. Almost got it done. Good to see other folks are trying to preserve this as well.

  9. So I haven’t seen anything here for a long while.

    Any news about the updated rule set ?
    Any news at all ?

    • I’m actually working on three projects at the moment and all of them are creeping along at the moment. I should have some previews of what the new rules will look like sometime in late Feb/early March.

    • Well, the rules revisions are pretty much complete. Now I just have to look at how to present them graphically. I’d love to include plenty of artwork and photography while putting together something that rivals the big name miniatures rule sets – at least in presentation. Looks like I’ll probably have to go the crowdfunding route to pull that off though.

  10. I just found my copy from way back when. For many years it was a favorite fantasy miniatures game, especially in the face of the munchkin power gaming one sees in Warhammer Fantasy. (Warhammer Fantasy is actually a very good game which has been ruined by munchkin power gamers.) In fact, I played it without magic (so my friends nicknamed it as “Knights and No Magick,” which had the effect of keeping the munchkin power gamers away.

    The combat system was the most interesting part of the rules. However, I would prefer to see individual melees resolved by a single die rather than the goofy D6+D10 combination used by the game. A single die would result in much faster melee resolutions.

    I also believe the system of matching weapons against armor was brilliant. However, in the original version, it was much too generic. Certain weapons are more effective against certain types of armor. In fact, some weapons were designed specifically to defeat certain armor. For example, bastard swords were developed to penetrate between the plates of plate armor. Personally, I would like to see the combat table expanded so that specific weapons are shown against specific armor.

    But for a set of rules published over 30 years ago, those are minor quibbles.

  11. Any updates?

    K&M was a favorite back in high school until I lent it to a friend who managed to lose it.
    Been seeking a reprint for years.

  12. I still have my original copy, minus the box and I have a lot of the original knights that came with the boxed set. I have been following your progress and hope to see your updated version soon. Did you happen to convert the combat die rolls to using just one die, or have you kept the original?




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