Spin Master to Launch Redakai at GenCon

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I was just talking about Redakai on the last podcast, and now here is their official press release about its GenCon debut.  What I didn’t know, is that Spin Master has the license for Stratego. The 50th anniversary edition sounds interesting and I’m looking forward to getting a peek at it.  Here’s the official word from Spin Master:

Spin Master is excited to make its debut at this year’s Gen Con with the launch of its exciting new Trading Card Game, Redakai as well as featured games from Spin Master Games; Stomple and the 50th Anniversary of Stratego.

 “Spin Master has a strong history of launching hits. Their balance of innovation and love for classic gaming is a great fit for Gen Con. Seeing children react to Redakai is awesome; we are glad to have such strong support in the Family Fun Pavilion,” says Scott Elliot, senior director of sales for Gen Con.

 Featured in the Family Fun Pavilion, Spin Master will be hosting a variety of events over the course of convention.  The Redakai team will spearhead Learn to Play techniques, Sealed Pack Events, Constructed Events, and a Championship Tournament while The Spin Master Games team will host Adult and Junior Tournaments for both Stratego and Stomple.

 “Gen Con is extremely important to the game industry,” says Mark Sullivan, EVP of Marketing for Spin Master Ltd.  “Supporting the Family Fun Pavilion will be a great opportunity for so many people to learn our new games, Redakai & Stomple as well as play old favorites, such as Stratego.  After all, they say it’s The Best Four Days In Gaming.”

 Redakai is an all-new boys action property, which features fresh new strategic gameplay, amazing Blast3D technology and a televised series on Cartoon Network produced by Spin Master Ltd and Zodiak Kids/Marathon Media.

 50th Anniversary Stratego: for half a century, the red and blue armies of Stratego have battled in homes across America. The Deluxe 50th Anniversary Edition honors the heritage of Stratego with the original nostalgic theme, an elegant folio package and all the strategy and excitement that have made Stratego a family favorite. Experience exclusive never-before-seen cannon game pieces that allow you to name and destroy your opponents pieces. Enter the epic strategic battle with the 50th Anniversary edition of Stratego!

 Stomple is a strategic marble stomping game.  Outwit your opponents by stomping their marbles before they stomp yours and out maneuver by leading their stomper trapped with no escape.  If you outstomp the competition, you win!