The Gaming Gang Extra Volume One: Victory Point Games at CSW Expo 2011

DM's Guild at DriveThruRPG

In a special edition of the podcast, Jeff talks with the gang from Victory Point Games at last weekend’s ConSimWorld Expo 2011.

Join Terry Coleman, Hermann Luttman, John Welch, Steve Carey, and Alan Emrich as each sits down with Jeff to discuss various aspects of VPG as well as their own personal gaming experiences.

Plus, listen in as Weehawken mania begins!

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Lt to Rt: Tim Allen, Chris Taylor, Hermann Luttman, Terry Coleman, Lance McMillan, Josh Gottesman, Steve Carey, Alan Emrich, Jack Beckman, and John Welch
Frank Chadwick Battles Tim Allen in Gettysburg: The Wheatfield as Designer Hermann Luttman Observes the Action
A Legend and a Legend in the Making: Alan Emrich Demos Hero of Weehawken
The World Will Hold Its Breath as a Suped Up Playtest


    • It’s not because we don’t post a BGG page until we have final graphics to show. So please hold your fire! We’ll post a BGG page when the time is ripe. -Alan Emrich

  1. Great job, Jeff! Fantastic editing job. ; )
    Thanks for the opportunity to do this and I look forward to hanging out with you again.