The Daily Dope for Friday January 13th, 2012

DM's Guild at DriveThruRPG

Here’s hoping this isn’t an unlucky Friday the 13th but on today’s show comes the latest from Rio Grande, Kosmos, GMT, an inside look at designer Hermann Luttmann’s projects at Victory Point Games, Hydra Miniatures, and Impact! Miniatures. The show runs a few minutes longer than normal, but hey, it’s Friday!

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  1. Wow, Jeff! I was shocked when I saw my name up there as a feature in your broadcast. Thanks for including my rather optimistic list of projects. I actually wrote that as an e-mail to Alan Emrich so I could get organized for 2012 and he was so impressed that a designer submitted an actual plan that he insisted that I include it in the VPG update! I guess the other VPG guys know more than I do – they’re not dumb enough to put their plans in writing! 😉
    And don’t worry, we’ll treat the Blackhawks with due respect! Maybe I’ll have a draft kit of Kick Save! in time for CSW Expo and we can take the game out for a skate then. Thanks again and see you in Tempe. Hermann