Pulling an All-Nighter: Top Tips for Quiet Computing or Game Play

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We all know that it is not a good idea to spend too many hours playing computer games in one go, every now and again, the chance to have some fun and pull a video game all-nighter is perhaps too tempting to resist.

Probably one way of avoiding disturbing others at home who are not sharing your enthusiasm for an all-night video gaming session, would be to ensure that you have a quiet keyboard to use.

If you are considering the idea of pulling an all-nighter and finally finishing that game, here is a look at doing that healthily and quietly.

Health matters

As much as the idea of a gaming all-nighter seems like a bit of harmless fun, and it can be seen that way if it is an isolated activity, you need address health matters, as your health obviously matters.

Videogame enthusiasts everywhere will undoubtedly testify just how difficult it is to quit a game and get some shut-eye, especially when you are just trying to complete a certain level that has been proving quite a challenge.

However, if you are missing out on your minimum recommended eight hours sleep, even for one night, your body will soon tell you and show you physically, what it thinks of your nocturnal activities.

Make sure you eat and drink properly, especially if you are going to do an all-nighter.

If you want to compound your decision to forgo the sleep for one night, throwing a bag of chips, washed down by plenty of soda, is probably the worst way of keeping your body fueled. It would be much better to load up on things like sunflower seeds, a bag of nuts and plenty of good old-fashioned drinking water.

Also, make sure you get up and move around regularly, so that you manage to keep your mind and body as alert as possible in the circumstances. Power napping works for some of us as a way of recharging the batteries, but for others, shutting your eyes will probably send you into sleep mode.

If you are going to do an all-nighter every now and again, prepare for the event and look after your body and mind, both before, during and after your marathon gaming session.

Do not disturb

Another consideration, is how to enjoy your all-nighter without disturbing others in the house.

If you are using your PC to play your games, you might find that your machine seems extraordinarily noisier in the dead of night than you might have notice before.

One of the most common sources of noise irritation when it comes to your PC, is likely to be the fan. If it is noticeably noisy it might simply need replacing, or it could be that a buildup of dust is making it work harder than it needs to, so consider giving your PC a good clean and make sure it is well ventilated.

Every now and again, you might just get away with an all-nighter, just make sure you are ready for the event and look after your health as well as your PC or games console.

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