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Would You Put Kittens in a Blender?

by Jeff McAleerDecember 11, 2011

I would have to say that this sounds like one of the most bizarre titles I’ve run across in a long, long time: Closet Nerd Games is bringing their card came, Kittens in a Blender, to market. The details are very scarce but here’s the scoop.

From Closet Nerd Games:

You are twisted.  I can’t believe you actually want to put these adorable kittens in a blender! I guess that’s none of my business. Maybe you’re more of a dog person. Sure, kittens are curious by nature, but when they get in a kitchen full of dangerous appliances, it is up to you to save them. This fast-paced card game has players working to save all of their own kittens before the unthinkable happens. But sometimes the only way to save your precious litter of kittens is to let those curious little cats learn the lesson of why you should never play in a Blender!

Like I said… bizarre!

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