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Filming Begins This Month as ‘Comic Book Men’ Issues Casting Call

It isn't as if you actually thought the AMC cameras just happen to be rolling whenever someone shows up on Comic Book Men looking to sell something cool, right?

Comixology’s The Walking Dead Half-Off Sale All Weekend

Don’t want to wait for The Walking Dead Season Three premiere this Sunday night to get your zombie fix? Then make sure you take advantage of THE WALKING DEAD HALF-OFF SALE. This pre-premiere event...

AMC Offers Free Live Stream of Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere to Dish Subscribers

In another calculated slam at the Evil Dish Network Empire, AMC is offering a free live stream of the Season 3 Premiere of the Walking Dead for those Dish subscribers who register. New York, NY,...

The Walking Dead Season Three Comic Con Trailer

Wow! I can't believe we didn't get around to posting this as I could have sworn we shared it but, lo and behold, we were asleep at the switch. So to rectify that situation,...

First Look at Season Three of The Walking Dead: The Prison

One of the most talked about settings in Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic is the prison. Not only did many of the most memorable story arcs take place there but it was also...

A Familiar Face Returns in Season Three of The Walking Dead

**Spoiler Alert** You might want to jump back off this page if you don't want to experience a wee bit of a spoiler... The secret is out as on set photos reveal Michael Rooker, who played...

It’s a No-Brainer: ‘The Walking Dead Board Game’ Reviewed

The Walking Dead is a franchise that has been on fire for some time now. With all the zombie apocalypse exposure we’ve had in the past few years, it isn’t surprising that two separate board games have emerged featuring Rick and the gang. One game based on the TV show, and one based on the comic.

Season Two The Walking Dead Finale Sets Basic Cable Records

If you watched the episode of The Walking Dead last night on AMC, you certainly weren't alone! The finale for the second season set new records for the most watched basic cable drama series in...

Danai Gurira to Portray Michonne in The Walking Dead Season Three

For those fans of The Walking Dead TV series on AMC, who aren't readers of the Robert Kirkman comic, you may have found yourselves wondering who is the mysterious Andrea saving, katana wielding, zombie...
The Walking Dead Season Two Zombie

The Walking Dead Season Two Trailer

I'm sure many folks out there are looking forward to the upcoming season of The Walking Dead on AMC premiering October 16th. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, now's the time. There are a few quick glances of action that five away quite a bit for the observant viewer. I'm not the sort who gives away spoilers so take a peek for yourself.