Friday, September 22, 2017

Tag: Clockwork Publishing

‘Space 1889: Marvels of Mars’ Now Available from Modiphius

Space 1889: Marvels of Mars tackles both creatures of Mars as well as ancient wonders of the red planet. The eighty-one page sourcebook is available in both print and PDF.

Bundle of Holding Unveils the ‘Space: 1889 Ubiquity Edition’ Bundle

The folks at Bundle of Holding have just unveiled their latest bundle which focuses on Space: 1889 this time out.

To the Stars, By Jove!: A Review of ‘Space: 1889 Second...

Let me take you back, for a moment, to the heady days of gaming in the 1980’s and 90’s. At the time you couldn’t stroll through your friendly local game store without running across a plethora of titles from Game Designers’ Workshop (or GDW as we liked to say) which ranged from miniatures rules to board games to RPGs.

‘Space 1889’ RPG Returns to Earth Today

Modiphius Entertainment has announced the revamped edition of the classic Space 1889 roleplaying game is available today in a print and PDF bundle.