Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tag: Cool Stuff

Epic Slot Games Based on Comic Book Heroes

For those of you that are comic book fans, there are a ton of great slot games based off popular comic book heroes out...

Legendary Director John Carpenter to Release Movie Theme Greatest Hits Anthology

I have to say I grew up watching a ton of John Carpenter movies. From Halloween, to Escape From New York, to The Thing,...

Dr. Mario: The Type of Gamer You are Affects Your Health

Have you ever heard the age old joke that people who play Call of Duty are cavemen and don't like to play games that make them think?

Video Slots Spur Online Casino Growth

The online casino industry is enjoying a sustained period of growth with video slots leading the charge.

Ken Hite’s ‘Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations’ Travels Well Beyond Kickstarter...

Ten years ago Ken Hite put Atomic Overland Press on the map with his collection of Lovecraftian siteseeing pieces, Tour de Lovecraft: The Tales, and has now returned for a follow up volume.

Outside the Box: July 2017 ‘Animation’ Loot Crate

Cameron and Jeff crack open the latest Loot Crate. The July crate theme is animation and includes items related to TMNT, Futurama, Rick and Morty, and Bob's Burgers.

Unboxing the July 2017 ‘A-Box’

A-Box is the newest player in the geek culture subscription box game and they promise items with at least a $70.00 value.

DC Signs a Deal with Playtech – This Could be Huge

In February, DC signed a record-breaking deal with Playtech for the slot developer to make games based on all the DC blockbusters.

Can ‘Gambit’ Fight His Way into Widespread Release Worldwide?

Marvel Comics fans are in for a roller coaster ride now that word of Gambit’s cinematic debut has gotten out.

Series Two of ‘DC Bombshells’ and ‘DC Lil Bombshells’ Figures to...

Cryptozoic Entertainment and Warner Bros Consumer Products have revealed the next wave in the popular DC Bombshells and DC Lil Bombshells vinyl figure lines will land at next week's San Diego Comic-Con.