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Carcassonne Star Wars Prototype Layout (Hans im Glück)

In what would seem like an odd theme for the ever popular Eurogame Carcassonne, Klaus-Jurgen Wrede's design will soon take on Star Wars. Carcassonne Star Wars is set for publication this August and word is Z-Man Games is in talks to distribute the English language edition...

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the Exploding Kittens Kickstarter has almost reached $4 million in funding - in fact, by the time you read this the project will no doubt surpassed that amount. Then I couldn't stop laughing when I checked out the oddly cute and bizarre artwork on the cards!
Dice Masters: D&D Battle for Faerun (WizKids Games)

I'll be the first to admit I haven't had a chance to get up close and personal with the WizKids Dice Masters games but they sure are flying off shelves everywhere. Now the Dungeons & Dragons setting is lined up "squarely" in WizKids' sights.
Epic PvP: Fantasy

Our friends at Alderac Entertainment Group have taken to Kickstarter, for their first funding project, in conjunction with Fun to 11. Rocketing to over 300% of its goal during the first 48 hours, Epic PvP: Fantasy is the latest in the "shuffle building" style of games. Players will do battle by utilizing unique race and class decks shuffled together to provide fast paced action.
Mars Attacks: Ten Minute Takedown (Steve Jackson Games)

Hot on the heels of their popular Mars Attacks - The Dice Game, Steve Jackson Games has revealed Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown coming in Q1 2015. The die flicking, dexterity game will carry an MSRP of $9.95.

Our friends at Out of the Box Publishing are approaching the end of their Kickstarter project for the latest in their Snake Oil line of games. Snake Oil - Elixir will include at least 224 unique word cards and 56 unique customers which can be played stand alone or added to the current edition of Snake Oil.

Younger Webheads will surely want to head to MarvelKids, or ask mom or dad to, in order to grab a free twenty plus page guide to their favorite wall crawler's Ultimate universe as seen...

Longtime visitors have probably come to a conclusion about two sorts of games I’m not especially fond of: run of the mill party games and titles which are just a retheme (or reskin) of more traditional card games...

I recall years ago, back when Gen Con was held in Milwaukee, I found myself involved in a tournament featuring a home brewed Formula One style racing game. Funny enough I didn’t have much interest in auto racing, or even games of that style even though I owned Avalon Hill’s Indy 500

R&R Games has announced the mega-selling (and award winning) Hanabi will receive an English language deluxe edition this October or November. Hanabi Deluxe was released at last year's Spiel and now the North American....

Andrew Hackard visits with me to talk about all the latest developments at Steve Jackson Games including Munchkin Adventure Time, next year's Munchkin Steampunk, Munchkin Panic, Mars Attacks - The Dice Game, GURPS, the progress on an all new Car Wars, and whole lot more!

We learn plenty about King of New York, Zombie 15', Night of the Grand Octopus and more Iello titles at this year's Gen Con, as Matthieu Bonin and Christian Lemay (of Le Scorpion masqué) take us through the paces.