Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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TGG Visits Fireside Games at Origins 2017

On the Saturday afternoon of the 2017 Origins Game Fair, Jeff spends time with Justin De Witt - Chief Creative Director of Fireside Games - learning about the upcoming games Hotshots and Kaiju Crush.

Fireside Games Announces ‘Kaiju Crush’

What's the point of a giant monster board game without cities to smash? The gang at Fireside Games feel the same way and they've announced an upcoming smash 'em up set for this November.

This May, Save the Forest from Wildfires with ‘Hotshots’

Fireside Games has a new title on the horizon as Hotshots will put players in the role of firefighters aiming to extinguish forest threatening wildfires.

Hand Me a Spanner: ‘Dastardly Dirigibles’ Reviewed

Fireside Games latest release is one firmly aimed at the family gaming crowd who don’t mind a bit of competition and players casting monkey wrenches - or spanners - into plans.

Third Expansion for ‘Castle Panic’ Coming Soon from Fireside

Fireside Games has revealed an all new expansion to their hit Castle Panic is on the horizon. This fall Engines of War will add an all new element of siege warfare to the tower defense game.

‘Dastardly Dirigibles’ Arrives from Fireside Games This July

Steampunk fans, and gamers of all stripes, will want to keep their eyes open for the latest title coming soon from Fireside Games: Dastardly Dirigibles.

Fireside Games ‘Here, Kitty, Kitty!’ Arrives April 1st

If you've ever felt the neighborhood cat lady needed a run for her money than Here, Kitty, Kitty! should be right up your alley.

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and… Well, You Get the Picture: A Review...

The premise of The Village Crone is that each of the players represents an old, witchy hag who is vying to become the self-appointed crone of the village of Wickersby – thus the title of the game – and to do so must complete thirteen points worth of Witch’s Scheme cards.

Gen Con 2015: ‘The Village Crone’ with Anne-Marie De Witt and...

Fireside Games CEO Anne-Marie De Witt joins me to chat about the upcoming release The Village Crone. Not only does Anne-Marie run me through...

It’s Munchkin? It’s Castle Panic? It’s…: A Review of ‘Munchkin Panic’

I take a look at the latest in the Panic line of games from Fireside Games: Munchkin Panic.

Is It Time to Panic Yet? A Review of ‘Dead Panic’

Fireside Games has quickly made a nice name for themselves with titles like Castle Panic, Bloodsuckers, Bears and such. Their most recent title Dead Panic – set during a zombie apocalypse – will likely strike some as little more than a retheming of Castle Panic as a money grab to cash in on the ever increasing genre of zombie games.

Fireside Games Announces Dead Panic for September

The folks at Fireside Games have revealed a new title they have planned for release this September: Dead Panic. A take off on the...

Tabletop Episode 6 Featuring Castle Panic Released

The season of gaming continues on Tabletop with Wil Wheaton. This time Wil plays Castle Panic with Yuri Lowenthal (Actor – Prince of Persia...

The Gaming Gang Top Games of 2011

On our last podcast we revealed our top picks for our games of the year here at TGG. It was important to point out...