Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tag: Flying Pig Games


‘Yaah! Magazine’ Issue #9 is Now Available

Eighty-four pages of gaming goodness is heading your way as Flying Pig Games newest issue of Yaah! magazine is ready to land in your hands.

Hermann Luttmann at the 2017 Origins Game Fair

Game designer, and great friend of The Gaming Gang, Hermann Luttmann pops into the Flying Pig Games booth to talk with Jeff about the slew of titles he has available now and coming in the near future.

TGG Visits Mark H. Walker at Origins 2017

Jeff pops by to chat with Mark H. Walker of Flying Pig Games and Tiny Battle Publishing at the Origins Game Fair 2017. They discuss Night of Man, '65, Old School Tactical, Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk and more.

Outside the Box: ’65: Squad-Level Combat in the Jungles of Vietnam’...

Jeff looks at the new tactical wargame from Flying Pig Games, '65: Squad-Level Combat in the Jungles of Vietnam as well as three expansions for the title.

Darkest Before the Dawn: ‘Night of Man’ Reviewed

The year is 2037 and the Earth has been thoroughly devastated by an alien invasion begun three years earlier. The vast majority of the world's population has been extinguished and the new alien overlords, known simply as Killers, continue to ruthlessly hunt down the remaining remnants of humanity.

New Hermann Luttmann Game Included in Latest ‘Yaah! Magazine’

The latest issue of the Yaah! magazine is now available for pre-order and just also happens to include the latest game design, Race to the Sea 1914, from our pal Hermann Luttmann.

Outside the Box: ‘Night of Man’ from Flying Pig Games

Jeff looks at the science fiction wargame, Night of Man from Flying Pig Games. Following the successful invasion of Earth, the human resistance takes the fight to the alien overlords.

‘Night of Man: The Battle for Earth’s Survival’ Available from Flying...

The two player SF tactical skirmish game Night of Man has arrived from Flying Pig Games.

‘Yaah! Magazine’ Issue Six Coming in May

The gang at Flying Pig Games have put together the latest issue of Yaah! magazine and coming your way in May are eighty pages of articles as well as the latest game, Lion of Malaya.

‘Mark H. Walker’s ’65 Squad-Level Combat in Vietnam’ Enters Final Day...

The latest wargame on the horizon from Flying Pig Games is already at 200% of its funding goal as it enters the final day on Kickstarter.

‘Mark H. Walker’s ’65: Squad Level Combat in the Jungles of...

65': Squad Level Combat in Vietnam brings a card driven element to hex and counter wargaming leading to fast and furious early Vietnam War era battles.

‘Yaah! Magazine’ Issue #2 Now Available

Flying Pigs Games has the newest Issue of Yaah! Magazine hitting and it's chock full of games and gaming articles this time out.

Flying Pig Games Reveals New ‘Yaah! Magazine’ for End of February

Mark Walker of both Lock N Load Publishing and Flying Pig Games has announced the first issue of the new gaming magazine Yaah! will be arriving on the scene later this month.

‘Night of Man’ Nears Kickstarter Goal

With eleven days left to pledge your support, Mark H. Walker's Night of Man is closing in on its $11k Kickstarter goal. As what looks to be the first title from the new imprint Flying Pig Games - Walker is best known for plenty of games through Lock n' Load Publishing - Night of Man is a card driven game of SF tactical combat set in a near Earth future where our planet is under alien attack.