Saturday, February 24, 2018

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‘The Expanse’ Roleplaying Game Set for Gen Con 2018 Release

The highly (and I do mean HIGHLY) anticipated The Expanse roleplaying game, based on the best selling James S. A. Corey science fiction novels, is set to release at this year's Gen Con.

‘Folklore: Dark Tales’ Reviewed on The Daily Dope for January 18th,...

Jeff reviews the Dark Tales expansion for Folklore: The Affliction, from GreenBrier Games. Plus today's latest news.

Getting Started in Roleplaying Games on The Daily Dope for December...

Jeff brings you the latest table top gaming news plus he shares some thoughts for those looking to get started in playing RPGs.

Green Ronin to Kickstart ‘The Expanse’ Roleplaying Game

Green Ronin Publishing have reached an agreement with James S. A. Corey (the pen name of authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) to produce a line of roleplaying products for The Expanse.

‘Critical Role: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting’ Set for Gen Con 50 Release

Green Ronin Publishing, in conjunction with Geek & Sundry, has the initial release in their Critical Role line of game supplements scheduled to arrive just in time for Gen Con 50.

Final Hours to Back ‘The Lost Citadel’ Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy RPG on...

Green Ronin Publishing has an interesting looking 5th Edition roleplaying setting book which is about to finish its successful Kickstarter funding run.

‘Blue Rose: The AGE RPG of Romantic Fantasy’ Now Available from...

One of the roleplaying games which were on my list of RPGs to watch for in late 2016 has finally arrived from Green Ronin Publishing.

Save Up to 50% or More on Nearly a Thousand Titles...

Through January 22nd DriveThruRPG is having their annual New Year, New Game sale and you have a chance to save big on nearly one thousand digital titles.

Grab the Massive November Third Party ‘Pathfinder’ Humble Bundle

The latest Humble RPG Book Bundle is available and the focus this time is Pathfinder by way of Frog God Games, Kobold Press, and Green Ronin Publishing.

Ten New/Upcoming RPGs Worthy of Your Attention in Late 2016

It goes without saying I’m a huge fan of roleplaying games. In fact, it was Advanced Dungeons & Dragons which introduced me to table top gaming way back in 1978; stupid me actually bought a module (if memory serves it was actually G1- Steading of the Hill Giant Chief) thinking it was the actual game.


A First Look at ‘Sakura’ on The Daily Dope for February...

Today Jeff unboxes the latest Reiner Knizia design, Sakura, from Osprey Games. Plus the latest news from Fantasy Flight Games, Bundle of Holding, Renegade Game Studios, MAGE Company, USAopoly and more.