Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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Surviving an Undead Suburbia: ‘Zpocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs’ Reviewed

In our super giant-sized video, join Jeff as he walks through the gameplay and mechanics of Zpocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs and the Wasteland expansion.

‘Grimslingers: The Northern Territory’ Expansion Reaches Kickstarter Goal in First 24...

The first expansion to the weird west themed card game Grimslingers hit Kickstarter yesterday and has already passed 100% funding.

Outside the Box: ‘Zpocalypse 2 – Wasteland’

Hot on the heels of taking a look at the core game, Zpocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs, Jeff cracks open the upcoming expansion.

Outside the Box: ‘Zpocalypse 2 – Defend the Burbs’

Jeff cracks open the latest title in the Zpocalypse line from Greenbrier Games. In Zpocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs, two to five players will gather groups of survivors to scavenge, explore, and fortify a safe house in order to fend off zombie hordes.

Greenbrier Games Prepares to Unleash ‘Zpocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs’ in...

Following a successful Kickstarter run, Greenbrier Games is set to release their second core title in the Zpocalypse series this March.

Slingin’ Spells Tain’t So Grim: A Review of ‘Grimslingers’

The newest release from Greenbrier Games (hitting stores this week in fact) is Grimslingers, a card based game of spellcraft dueling and cooperative campaigning in an off the wall weird west setting.

Outside the Box: ‘Grimslingers’ from Greenbrier Games

Join Jeff as he looks at the newest title coming from Greenbrier Games this September. Grimslingers is a card game of magical dueling in the weird Forgotten West.

Gen Con 2016: Julie Ahern and Greenbrier Games

Julie Ahern joins Jeff to talk about all the latest going on with Greenbrier Games including upcoming titles Grimslingers and Burger Up as well as three new Yashima expansions. You'll also learn about what's on the horizon for Greenbrier too!

Grab a Special Promo Pack with Your ‘Grimslingers’ Preorder

Today it was announced you'll score a special twelve card promo pack for Grimslingers if you place a preorder before June 28th.

Duel and Adventure in the Weird West This Summer with ‘Grimslingers’

A new weird west themed card game is heading our way this summer from the folks at Greenbrier Games.

Greenbrier Games Releases Three ‘Yashima’ Expansions

Greenbrier Games has just released three new expansions for their miniatures/card driven skirmish game Yashima: Legend of the Kami Masters.

Fix Targets and Full Steam Ahead!: A Review of ‘Heavy Steam’...

I’ll admit when I first learned about Heavy Steam, and its Kickstarter project, from the folks at Greenbrier I was a bit skeptical. Here was a game which looked like a Euro but wasn’t a Euro while it also came across as being a wargame without being a wargame.

‘Folklore: The Affliction’ Nears End of Hugely Successful Kickstarter Run

Greenbrier Games is rapidly approaching the end of their funding campaign for the fantasy board game Folklore: The Affliction. Having already passed a quarter of a million dollars in pledges, the miniatures based title only has three days left but there's still time to get on board.

TGG Outside the Box: ‘Heavy Steam’ from Greenbrier Games

Jeff takes Heavy Steam outside the box to see exactly what you'll find in the Greenbrier Games steampunk game. Two to four players do battle with massive steam titans in an alternate Victorian era.