Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tag: Paizo Publishing


‘Starfinder’ Set for Gen Con 50 Launch

One of the most eagerly anticipated RPGs of 2017 is about to make its debut at Gen Con 50. Paizo Publishing is set to...

Adventure Module ‘Heroes for Highdelve’ to Celebrate Gen Con 50

Paizo Publishing, Games & Gears, and Gen Con are teaming up to create a special adventure module to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the con.

One Week Remains to Score Massive ‘Pathfinder: Worldscape’ Humble Bundle

I've been playing RPGs for over thirty five years and even I have a hard time figuring where I would want to start, outside of the corebook of course, with the uber-popular roleplaying title.

Paizo Announces ‘Starfinder’ RPG to Premiere at Gen Con 2017

Starfinder will take place thousands of years in the Pathfinder future and promises a pretty unique take on the SF genre.

Gen Con 2015: Erik Mona and Paizo Publishing

I hadn't had a chance to talk with Paizo publisher Erik Mona since the 2014 GAMA Trade Show in Vegas so I was looking forward with catching up and learning about the new releases - directly in the heart of all the action of the Paizo Gen Con area.

Giantslayer Continues with Pathfinder ‘Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen’

The fourth installment of the Pathfinder Giant Slayer Adventure Path is available and your intrepid heroes will now face off against frost giants.

Paizo to Bring ‘Polaris’ to North America in October

Paizo Publishing has entered into a partnership with French game company Gob in Tux to bring a lineup of roleplaying games and novels to North American audiences.

Pathfinder Announces Introductory Pathfinder Society Adventures

If you've been interested in checking out the über-popular Pathfinder RPG in an organized play environment, Paizo yesterday announced they're rolling out a new and easier way to get involved.

‘Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild’ Launches Today

f you're a fan of the immensely popular Paizo Publishing Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, you'll be pleased to hear the official organized play program is launching today.

‘Pathfinder’ Set for Hebrew Editions

Paizo Publishing has announced their uber-popular roleplaying game Pathfinder will soon be available in the Hebrew language. Paizo is teaming up with publisher Monkey...

Paizo Launches Worldwide Organized Play for ‘Pathfinder Adventure Card Game’

Fans of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game will be pleased to hear Paizo Publishing has launched an organized play program for the series.

‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Release Dates Set

In what may be the table top gaming event of 2015, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition/Next/Whatever You Want to Call It is set to...

Wendy N. Wagner Makes her Pathfinder Novel Debut with ‘Skinwalkers’

In case you can't get your fill of all things Pathfinder, there are plenty of novels within the setting and the latest Pathfinder Tale is...

‘The Mummy’s Mask’ Begins for Pathfinder

An all new adventure path, The Mummy's Mask, has begun for Pathfinder. The first release in the series, The Half-Dead City, places the players on...