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Parsec Expansion Nebulas and Nanotechs Now on Sale

Fans of Parsec, from Victory Point Games, will be pleased to know the second expansion to the system is now available and is entitled Nebulas and Nanotechs. From VPG: Blast off with Sean Young's latest in...

‘Parsec’ Reviewed: Carcassonne in Space…

If you like Carcassonne type games and looking for a space themed version then you should like Parsec; frankly my biggest problem is the price point. I can buy Carcassonne for less then Parsec, and get glossy tiles and wooden meeples. This game just begs to be ported over to mobile.

Meet the VPG Designers This Saturday!

Every Saturday, VPG has their doors open for anyone to come on in and playtest games both old and new. This Saturday, July 9th, beginning at 12 Noon, you have a chance to meet with the designers of published VPG titles. What's more, you have a chance to sit down with them and playtest their upcoming games!

VPG Announces New Dual Star Pack Bundle

Victory Point Games has announced their second bundle sale and this time it includes Final Frontier and PARSEC. Self proclaimed as The Little Game Company That Could, VPG releases a wide range of games that appeal to all types of gamers.