Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tag: Star Wars


Marvel Comics for August 16th, 2017

Loads on the Marvel slate this week including the Generations: Wolverine and All-New Wolverine one shot and more Mighty Thor, Spider-Men II, and Star Wars.

Marvel Comics for August 2nd, 2017

Marvel begins the Generations titles with Banner Hulk and The Totally Awesome Hulk as more Avengers, Champions, and Star Wars: Darth Vader head your way.

Marvel Comics for July 5th, 2017

Next week brings a solid slate from Marvel with the premieres of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again and Spider-Man: Master Plan as the latest Star Wars and X-Men Gold also hit stands.

‘Star Wars’ Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

I'd have never guessed, as a goofy nine year old kid, how one afternoon in a movie theater would lead to a lifetime of fun and friendship.

Marvel Comics for May 17th, 2017

Generation X and Luke Cage enjoy Marvel launches this week alongside the latest installments of Secret Empire and Star Wars.

Marvel Comics for March 1st, 2017

America is one to watch from Marvel this week as more Deadpool, Monsters Unleashed, and Star Wars hit your FLCS.

Marvel Comics for January 25th, 2017

A solid line up from Marvel this week with number ones Civil War II: The Oath and Spider-Man/Deadpool as well as the latest Doctor Strange and Star Wars on the agenda.

Marvel Comics for November 30th, 2016

Interesting choices abound at Marvel this week including the launches of Ghost Rider and IvX as well as the latest Star Wars annual.

Marvel Comics for November 23rd, 2016

Be thankful for loads on the Marvel slate with both The Amazing Spider-Man and All-New X-Men annuals, more Civil War II, and Star Wars action to eye this week.

Marvel Comics for September 28th, 2016

A big week from Marvel this time out with the Deadpool and Doctor Strange annuals alongside the latest Spider-Gwen and Star Wars.

Marvel Comics for August 24th, 2016

Marvel is drawing Civil War II ever closer to completion as the Ulysses miniseries begins - while Star Wars receives a double dip - as the megaevent crossovers continue

Marvel Comics for July 20th, 2016

Deadpool and The Mercs for Money launches in the midst of Civil War II as Marvel reveals more Black Widow, Spider-Man, and Star Wars.

Grand Admiral Thrawn Returns to Official ‘Star Wars’ Canon

The trailer and the premiere episode - shown at London's Star Wars Celebration - for the upcoming third season of Star Wars Rebels has revealed the return of one of the franchises' most popular villains, Grand Admiral Thrawn, to the official canon.

Marvel Comics for June 15th, 2016

Plenty to choose from at Marvel this week with more Civil War II titles and Deadpool while Star Wars continues and Star Wars: Han Solo begins.