Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tag: Table Top Gaming


Reaper Miniatures for August 28th

Reaper has revealed their Dark Heaven Legends miniature releases for August 28th.

‘Starfinder’ Set for Gen Con 50 Launch

One of the most eagerly anticipated RPGs of 2017 is about to make its debut at Gen Con 50. Paizo Publishing is set to...

Cybermen and Daleks Go to War in ‘Doctor Who: Exterminate!’ Miniatures...

Warlord Games is taking full advantage of their license with the BBC to bring Doctor Who miniatures to the masses by releasing their first full fledged game box.

Reaper Miniatures ‘Bones Wave 4’ Kickstarter Nears $700k in Funding

Reaper has the latest wave of Bones plastic miniatures up on Kickstarter and the project is nearing a staggering $700k in funding.

From Cthulhu with Love?: ‘Lovecraft Letter’ Reviewed

Now that I've had an opportunity to get the game to the table multiple times, with a variety of different gamers, I'm happy to say this Lovecraftian twist on Love Letter is loads of fun.

‘The Eaves of Mirkwood’ and Loremaster’s Screen Now Available in PDF

Cubicle 7 has released an introductory adventure, along with the Loremaster's screen, for Adventures in Middle-earth.

Adventure Module ‘Heroes for Highdelve’ to Celebrate Gen Con 50

Paizo Publishing, Games & Gears, and Gen Con are teaming up to create a special adventure module to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the con.

Miniatures Game ‘Dawn of the Archmage’ Begins Kickstarter Run

Solarflare Games have revealed their first foray into the world of miniatures gaming with the fantasy title Dawn of the Archmage.

‘Yaah! Magazine’ Issue #9 is Now Available

Eighty-four pages of gaming goodness is heading your way as Flying Pig Games newest issue of Yaah! magazine is ready to land in your hands.

‘This War of Mine: The Board Game’ Headlines Galakta Gen Con...

Galakta Games has five new releases (distributed in the U.S. by Ares Games) arriving at Gen Con this year and the title creating the most buzz is This War of Mine: The Board Game.

October Brings ‘Mountains of Madness’ from Iello Games

Based on the classic novella At The Mountains of Madness, Mountains of Madness will task three to five players to fly to the summit while trying to keep their sanity intact.

Acquire a ‘Dragon’s Hoard’ This Fall from Renegade Game Studios

In Dragon's Hoard, two to four players will take aim at acquiring chromatic sheep for their dragons to trade for wondrous treasures.

Victory Point Games ‘Renegade’ Currently Past 400% of Kickstarter Goal

Our friends at Victory Point Games have a cyberpunk deck-building game currently up for funding on Kickstarter which has blown the doors off its goal already.

Renegade Game Studios Announce ‘Kepler-3042’ for Fall 2017

Kepler-3042 will task up to four players (ages 14 and up) in leading their nations on missions of exploration and colonization throughout the Milky Way.