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This time out James Ernest sits down to discuss Cheap Ass Games as well as some titles on the horizon including Get Lucky, Unexploded Cow, Pairs and more.


Everyone knows if anyone from Victory Point Games can be found in a one mile radius of me I'll be sitting down for a chat. At the GAMA Trade Show I was able to kick it with a couple of new faces (or at least new to me) from VPG and talked with Josh Neiman and Barry Pike about the amazing changes at "The Little Company that Could" as well as some of their recent titles like Trieste, Knockout, Circus Train 2nd Edition, Cruel Necessity and more.


I was really pumped to have an opportunity to chat with Matt Hyra and Kat Metzen, from Cryptozoic Entertainment. As I mention in the interview, I love talking with companies run by cool people and what they did to bail out The Doom that Came to Atlantic City Kickstarter showed plenty of class. You'll hear us talk about plenty of titles including the Adventure Time Card Wars, The Walking Dead, NHL Power Play, Portal, The Hobbit, Archer, Bravest Warriors, their chart topping DC Comics Deck Building Game, and so much more!


AJ Paratore and Theresa Garcia join Jeff, at the 2014 GAMA Trade Show, to talk about the Greenbrier Games lineup including Zpocalypse, Ninja Dice, Hull Breach (in conjunction with Not-So-Broken Games Studios) and more.


Right from the GAMA Trade Show Jeff sits down with publisher Erik Mona, of Paizo Publishing, to discuss all things Pathfinder.


The latest gaming news as well as reviews of Euphoria from Stonemaier Games, Canalis from AEG, and The Hunters: U-Boats at War 1939-43 from Consim Press. All this and more on this go 'round.


Just thought I'd update folks as to what the hold up has been on the latest podcast and videos. As many visitors of TGG...


On a very special holiday edition of TGG (although not nearly as very special as an episode of Blossom...), my good pal game designer...


Forgotten Realms author Erin M. Evans stops by to chat about her book The Adversary, the third in the six part Forgotten Realms The...


After a much too long hiatus TGG is back on the air. Join me for reviews of Romance of the Nine Empires from AEG,...