Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tag: The War Room


Rule Rome as the Empire Begins to Decline in ‘Donning the...

In Donning the Purple, one to three players will vie for control of the empire as they also work together to delay the imminent fall of the empire.

‘Empires and Alliances’ is Arriving from Compass Games Next Week

Empires and Alliances brings the strategic challenges faced by The Allies and Central Powers in WWI Europe to your table top.

How to Play ‘Twilight Struggle’ on The Daily Dope for February...

A double dose of GMT Games goodness as Jeff looks at the new expansion for Wing Leader, Blitz 1939-1942, and shows you how to play the fantastic Twilight Struggle. Plus the latest gaming/geek culture news.

Lead the Galactic Marines Against the ‘Attack of the 50 Foot...

In Attack of the 50 Foot Collossi! the 124th Raider Battalion is back in action and this time they'll take on massive stone monsters terrorizing a remote mining station.

‘Pocotaligo, 1862 & 1864’ is Available Through GMT Games

Following a request from the late South Carolinian historian Robert B. McNair's mother, GMT is now making the final two hundred copies of the self-published American Civil War game Pocotaligo, 1862 & 1864 available.

Unboxing ‘Old School Tactical Vol II’ on The Daily Dope for...

Jeff takes a look at the new volume in the Flying Pig Games Old School Tactical line of WWII gaming. Plus today's latest gaming news.

‘Normandy: The Beginning of the End’ Explodes onto Kickstarter

Spanish wargame publisher Draco Ideas has a new D-Day title up on Kickstarter and the crowd funding project is off to a roaring start.

A Look at ‘Night of Man’ on The Daily Dope for...

Jeff give an overview of the gameplay of Flying Pig Games' Night of Man and discusses introducing Cameron and his friends to the classic Fletcher Pratt's Naval War Game. Plus the news.

True Gaming Classic ‘Triplanetary’ Aims a Return Through Kickstarter

Steve Jackson Games launched the return of a real board game classic through Kickstarter today.

Hermann Luttmann’s ‘At Any Cost: Metz 1870’ is Coming Soon from...

At Any Cost will turn an eye to one of the first truly modern wars as it keys in on the battles of Mars-La-Tour and Gravelotte-St. Privat, as well as a campaign which ties both together.


Unboxing ‘Chariots of Rome’ on The Daily Dope for February 21st,...

Join Jeff for another wargame Wednesday with an unboxing of Chariots of Rome from Victory Point Games. Plus the latest gaming/geek culture news.