Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tag: Tiny Battle Publishing

Tiny Battle Releases ‘In the Trenches: 1916’

In the Trenches: 1916 is the latest release for the In the Trenches series, from Tiny Battle Publishing.

Hermann Luttmann at the 2017 Origins Game Fair

Game designer, and great friend of The Gaming Gang, Hermann Luttmann pops into the Flying Pig Games booth to talk with Jeff about the slew of titles he has available now and coming in the near future.

TGG Visits Mark H. Walker at Origins 2017

Jeff pops by to chat with Mark H. Walker of Flying Pig Games and Tiny Battle Publishing at the Origins Game Fair 2017. They discuss Night of Man, '65, Old School Tactical, Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk and more.

Save 25% on the ‘Shields & Swords’ Series from Tiny Battle

Our friends at Tiny Battle Publishing are currently having a sale on Tom Russell's trio of medieval wargames known as the Shields & Swords series.

A Last Stand at Denney Springs?: ‘Dead Reckoning’ Reviewed

Dead Reckoning is the latest game release from my good pal Hermann Luttmann and, like nearly every one of his designs, there's more than initially meets the eye with this game.

Tiny Battle Black Friday Sale

Mark H. Walker's Tiny Battle Publishing is rolling out a Black Friday sale where everything in their online store will be discounted 25%.

‘In the Trenches: Through Fire and Flames’ Battle Pack Now Available

The newest expansion for the WWI game In the Trenches, from Tiny Battle Publishing, is now available. Through Fire and Flames is the largest battle pack yet and brings new maps, counters, and scenarios to the system and can be had for an MSRP of $26.99.

Two New Wargames Arrive from Tiny Battle Publishing

War Plan Crimson: The U.S. Invades Canada and Blood Before Richmond: Beaver Dam Creek are both available for order from our friends at Tiny Battle Publishing.

‘In the Trenches: Rising Sun’ Now Available from Tiny Battle

In the Trenches: Rising Sun adds Japanese forces (thus the title) to the mix as this module focuses on Asiatic battles during the early stages of WWI.

Two New Titles from Tiny Battle Publishing

Two new releases have hit from Tiny Battle Publishing and one is a completely new game while the other is an expansion to a current TBP system.

‘Platoon Commander: Korea 1950’ Available from Tiny Battle Publishing

The latest small footprint wargame has arrived from Tiny Battle Publishing. In Platoon Commander: Korea 1950 two players tackle the Korean War in a fast paced, yet easily accessible, tactical system designed for both newcomers to the genre and long time grognards.

Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Gamer

Sometimes it can be rather difficult to score the perfect holiday gift for the discerning gamer in your life. That's why we're here to present (in no particular order) a fine selection of titles which are sure to please both newcomers to the hobby and longtime hardcore gamers.

Utter Chaos in Space: ‘Invaders from Dimension X’ Reviewed

The premise is this: Humanity has taken to the stars and established colonies throughout the galaxy and, as in just about all science fiction, mankind finds they are not alone among the stars.

‘Invaders from Dimension X’ Arrives from Tiny Battle Publishing

In Invaders from Dimension X, the Galactic Marines do battle with mysterious aliens bent on the enslavement of the human colonists of Brea 7.