Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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Celebrate First Edition D&D with ‘Icons of the Realm: Classic Creatures’...

A new boxed set of prepainted miniatures are arriving from WizKids this November and the focus is on celebrating monsters from the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

WizKids Offers Massive Value with ‘Deep Cuts’ Miniatures Lines

Available for both Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder (or any fantasy game which tickles your fancy really) these primed but unpainted minis are not only designed to be very forgiving to fledgling painters but also pack a lot of punch for their price point.

TGG Visits WizKids at the 2017 Origins Game Fair

Jeff swings by the WizKids booth to speak with Scott D'Agostino about the slew of great games and minis just released or on the horizon.

SyFy Hit ‘The Expanse’ to Receive Board Game Treatment from WizKids...

The hit SyFy series The Expanse is about to practically come full circle by becoming a board game from WizKids.

Channel Your Inner Philip Marlowe with ‘Deadline’ Coming from WizKids

This June WizKids takes you back to the days of hard boiled pulp detectives and film noir mysteries with Deadline.

‘WizKids World Championships’ to Take Place at Origins 2015

If you're a fan of any number of WizKids titles, and heading to the Origins Game Fair, you might want to sign up for the WizKids World Championships to lay claim to being the best of the best!

Dice Masters ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Battle for Faerûn’ Set for February...

I'll be the first to admit I haven't had a chance to get up close and personal with the WizKids Dice Masters games but they sure are flying off shelves everywhere. Now the Dungeons & Dragons setting is lined up "squarely" in WizKids' sights.

WizKids Announces ‘DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League’

WizKids Games has revealed their plans to bring the Dice Masters system to the DC Universe and their first release will tackle the Justice League. DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League will arrive in stores next spring with a variety of options to get started, including a team box and collector's box.

‘D&D Attack Wing’ Takes Flight

One of the cooler looking sneak peeks we got at this year’s Gen Con was catching a glimpse of some of the minis featured in D&D Attack Wing from WizKids. Now the title has hit stores and early indications are the dragon based miniatures game is flying (I guess the pun is intended…) off store shelves.

WizKids Announces Adjusted Star Trek: Attack Wing Release Schedule

WizKids Games is experiencing delays to the upcoming waves of ships for Star Trek: Attack Wing and earlier this week the company announced the...

The Daily Dope from The Gaming Gang: May 20th, 2013

After a week away, I'm back with the latest Star Wars news as well as Star Trek Into Darkness, Dynamite Comics, WizKids, Stronghold Games,...

The Daily Dope from The Gaming Gang: May 3rd, 2013 Featuring...

I bring along Chris Ayala's review of Quarriors from WizKids as well as the latest news from HerUniverse, Magic: The Gathering, DriveThruCards, Victory Point...

Star Trek: Attack Wing Announced by WizKids

The folks over at WizKids take their Star Trek seriously as they already have some very successful titles based on the IP. Now, by...

WizKids Enters 18XX Realm with Trains and Stations

WizKids continues to push beyond their bread and butter HeroClix line of games with the announcement of Trains and Stations from designer Eric Lang....