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Dragonlance at Dungeon Masters Guild
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Gaming News

Vul-Con February 25-26, 2012
I know I mentioned the Vul-Con convention coming to Phoenix, AZ (I’ll be there and I’m trying to convince Elliott to fly out for the show as well) and it’s February 25-26th. Luckily, I've been informed of some new updates to forward along.From organizer Jay Mann:While both days of the Con wi…
The Explorer’s Edition of the Deadlands: Player’s Guide for Savage Worlds from Pinnacle Entertainment has arrived in stores. You'll want to note the Explorer’s Edition is a 6.5" ×9" softcover that contains all the same content as the Deadland’s Player’s Guide hardcoverFrom the Pinnacle:Strap…
WizKids has an additional new figure to be made available separate from their Pathfinder Heroes and Monsters boosters now arriving in stores.I have to say it's pretty sweet looking!Roaring down from on high comes the Black Dragon!  Sure to be an encounter center-piece, this classic monster c…
Privateer Press has five new figures now in stores! Three of the miniatures (one is an upgrade actually) are for Warmachine and two for Hordes. Nicia, Tear of Vengeance is a solo hero and fights under the Protectorate banner. The Mercenary faction gain an updated Heavy Warjack and an upgrade kit for…
The long anticipated map expansion for Ticket to Ride is finally making its way to stores from Days of Wonder. It seems as if we've been talking about this forever but Ticket to Ride: India should be on shelves as you read this.From Days of Wonder:Embark on a tour of Ian Vincent’s India and …
The third Asylum Pack in the Revelations arc for the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game has been announced by Fantasy Flight Games. Coming soon is Ebla Restored!From FFG:Knowledge stolen from the ruins of an ancient city now steers the fate of the world. Ebla Restored introduces a multitude of e…
Quarriors Quarmageddon
June 2012 brings all new options to Quarriors and even more powerful creatures and spells to use to lay the smackdown on your opponents. WizKids has announced a second expansion to Quarriors! The Dice Building Game... Quarmageddon.From WizKids:Qua-Boom! After an epic battle between Quaxos an…
Family gamers will be happy to learn Gamewright has eight new titles which will be premiering at the New York Toy Fair!From Gamewright:We wanted you to be among the first to know about our 2012 Gamewright game line, which will be making its debut at Toy Fair in February. We'll be launching 8…
Today's show brings you the latest from Gamewright, Wizkids, Days of Wonder, Fantasy Flight Games, Privateer Press, Pinnacle Entertainment, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, Vul-Con 2012, and more!Download the news to take on the go right here.And don't forget, The Gaming Gang po…
Sea Dragon Miniatures has posted information on their Facebook page for playtesting their new game Norsgard and gamers have an opportunity to help fine tune the rules system.More from Sea Dragon:Norsgard is a fantasy skirmish set in a legendary world of Isbran. An ever-winter land where fier…
Fans of Warmachine and Hordes should start looking ahead on their calendars as the qualifying season for Warmachine Weekend 2012 is beginning shortly!From the gang behind Warmachine Weekend:Warmachine Weekend 2011 has been over for about 3 months now and we are already gearing up for this ye…
Kings Critters Dragon
Victory Point Games has announced the next title in their new Me & the Kids line to be titled King's Critters, designed by Kai Jensen  - that’s “Mrs. Chad Jensen” for all you GMT fans out there.From VPG:Each player controls a Knight trying to capture and return various point-valued critt…
Atomic Robo
Evil Hat Productions, announced an agreement to produce, publish, and distribute a role-playing game based on the Eisner-nominated Atomic Robo comic book. The Atomic Robo RPG will be co-written by Atomic Robo scribe Brian Clevinger and Kerberos Club: Fate Edition author Mike Olson, creator of the St…
GMT is currently shipping Sicily, a new addition to their Fast Action Battles game line! The game is for two players and carries a retail price of $60.From GMT:The Fast Action Battle Series (FAB) game series, designed by Rick Young (Europe Engulfed, Asia Engulfed, and FAB: The Bulge), takes …
Mousquetaires du Roy (Rio Grande Games)
Elliott buckles his swash with a review of Mousquetaires du Roy from Rio Grande Games.…

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