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  • Gaming Classics: Nuclear War

    Back in the day when the real threat of nuclear annihilation was in the air, the doomsday clock ticked away, and the feel good ABC film The Day After was on the horizon, only one game had the cojones to poke fun at the threat of a nuclear holocaust. That…

  • Infinite City (AEG)

    TGG Reviews Infinite City

    A rich new world has opened up. Resources are plentiful, the economy is booming, and the capitol city of this new world is expanding like never before!

  • Thru the Portal E-Zine

    I ran across a very interesting E-Zine called Thru the Portal and I honestly believe it’s worth a serious look. Presented by Laura and Neil Meyer, TTP is available on a quarterly basis and is a great look at our hobby from a couple (and their contributors) who obviously love…

  • Chicago Express Coming to iPhone

    Word is that a version of Chicago Express, from Queen Games, is going to make it’s way to the iPhone app store next month. If you enjoy owning the rails of America in your gaming you’ll definately dig this release from programmer Charlie Sheppard. Here’s what he had to say about…

  • FFG to Release Arkham Horror Miniatures

    Almost a year ago, Fantasy Flight Games announced a line of painted miniatures for its highly successful Arkham Horror board game. The price indicated at the time ($13 for two figures) was much higher than gamers expected so, based upon their complaints, FFG decided to scrap the idea and find…

  • Last Call – The Bartender Game Mixes It Up This Winter

    Wattsalpoag Games previewed their latest family game, Last Call – The Bartender Game, at this year’s Gen Con in Indy. In what could be Kris Gould and Mike Raabe’s fastest playing game yet (approximately 15 minutes to complete) each person moves bottles from bartender to bartender, trying to create exotic drinks for…

  • Mystery Rummy Case Number 1 - Jack the Ripper (U.S. Games Systems)

    TGG Reviews Mystery Rummy Case Number 1 – Jack the Ripper

    Are you looking to step up your Rummy game, to move out of the realm of “same old …same old” and try something new?

  • Sneak Peek at Battles of Napoleon: The Eagle and the Lion

    Grognards rejoice! Recently hitting shelves is Fantasy Flight Game’s Napoleon: The Eagle and the Lion.  Depicting ten major battles between Le Petite Dude Mort and the forces of the English crown, The Eagle and the Lion looks to be another addition to what’s shaping up to be the Year of the…

  • TGG Reviews Forbidden Island

    Jeff shares his thoughts on the latest family game, Forbidden Island, from Gamewright

  • TGG Reviews Defenders of the Realm

    Jeff reviews the fantasy game Defenders of the Realm from Eagle Games.

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