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Classic Dungeons & Dragons at Dungeon Masters Guild
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Mausritter Boxed Set feat
The boxed set for the acclaimed rules light fantasy roleplaying game Mausritter is back in stock at Exalted Funeral.…
2300AD Vehicles of the Frontier feat
From bikes to battle tanks, you'll find over 100 unique entries in 2300AD: Vehicles of the Frontier.…
The Gaming Gang Dispatch 897
Jeff dives into Pathfinder 2E: Kingmaker, and other goodies for the adventure path, from Paizo Inc. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news.…
Why You Should Play Traveller 2E
Jeff discusses Traveller 2E from Mongoose Publishing and how it makes an excellent addition to your collection if you're looking to play a science fiction RPG.…
What is the OSR
Jeff tackles the Old School Renaissance as well as some gamers' concerns the movement is full of right wing extremists.…
Starfinder Enchanced feat
Starfinder Enhanced will include a ton of new player options, game rules, as well as fresh updates to four current character classes.…
Dungeon Denizens Splash
Goodman Games is in the midst of a very successful Kickstarter to fund the Dungeon Denizens bestiary.…
d12 Monthly Issue 21 feat
YUM DM has released the latest issue of the Dungeons & Dragons zine d12 Monthly.…
Tome of Beasts I 2023 Edition feat
Kobold Press is now taking orders for the updated 2023 Tome of Beasts 1 for 5E.…
Cyberpunk RED Interface RED Volume 2 feat
R. Talsorian Games has released Interface RED Volume 2 for Cyberpunk RED.…
Traveller The Marches Adventures 1-5 feat
A new collection of Traveller roleplaying tales, The Marches Adventures 1-5, is available from Mongoose Publishing. …
The One Ring RPG - Tales From the Lone-Lands feat
Free League Publishing has announced a new adventure supplement coming soon for The One Ring 2E, Tales From the Lone-Lands.…
The Gaming Gang Dispatch 895
Jeff sits down for a first look and page through of Zobeck: Clockwork City from Kobold Press. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news of the day.…
Delta Green Convergence feat
Arc Dream Publishing has released an updated edition of the classic Delta Green adventure Convergence.…
Pathfinder Xian Tia feat
Paizo Inc has revealed the Tian Xia region of Golarion will be a big focus for a series of upcoming Pathfinder RPG releases.…
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