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This time around Elliott visits the Chicago Toy and Game Fair and brings us the first batch of his interviews, with stops at Out of the Box Productions, Gozer Games, Buffalo Games, and talks with the developers of Telestrations and Triumphant.…
This week Elliott and I take an extended look at the cancellation of Heroscape and how there may be life in the old gal yet. There's a lot of work ahead for fans of the game if they want to keep the franchise alive! But before that James shares where he came up with the name for "Owl House Game Day"…
Elliott and I were chatting a bit, late last week, and out of the blue we decided we were going to get together and record an unscheduled podcast as just a bit of a Halloween treat for our pals of The Gaming Gang. We recorded it early Halloween morning.Unfortunately, this just popped into our he…
This time around the show clocks in at a monster two plus hours! Don't get too used to that long of a show but because we had loads to cover we just couldn't fit it all into our normal sixty minute format. We have reviews of Popular Front and Last of the Independants from Numbskull Games, The Call o…
Surprisingly we received word back earlier this morning that, hooray, The Gaming Gang was accepted for inclusion on iTunes! I was taken aback at how quickly we were approved; I've had other podcasts on iTunes before and it usually took a few days to find out if it was a go or a no go.Don't get m…
Sure, it's officially our first episode but we bring you the same random antics that many liked from our notorious Episode Zero. Once again it's Elliott and Jeff just freewheeling their way through whatever pops into mind as far as the world of gaming. Luckily, we have James contributing t…
So we took our first shot at a gaming podcast. Yes, yes, yet another podcast about gaming! We know, not the most original idea floating around out there and we certainly aren't going to come across as experts in the hobby, but we set out to have some fun in a freewheeling style and share some though…

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