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Dragonlance at Dungeon Masters Guild
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Thoughts and Ramblings

I ran across this thread over on Boardgame Geek and thought it would be interesting to share some people’s gaming pet peeves. Are you guilty of any of these breaches in etiquette? Or do some of the following frost your cookies when you run across them? I’ll be brutally honest and say that I’ve perso…
If you take a moment to research this hobby—and you have enough time to do that, right?—you’ll find a report from the Toy Industry Association saying that games and puzzles pulled in $2.4 billion during 2009. That’s a good chunk of money. I could easily cover all the material needs of my toddler and…
Just recently, I ran a gaming weekend for the young adults in my family and their friends. At our height we had 20 people who came and went and there were a core of 7 or 8 that stayed the whole weekend (my own kids couldn't escape of course). My parents own a vacation cottage about 3 hours away from…
nucwar goodies
Back in the day when the real threat of nuclear annihilation was in the air, the doomsday clock ticked away, and the feel good ABC film The Day After was on the horizon, only one game had the cojones to poke fun at the threat of a nuclear holocaust. That game was Nuclear War! Back in high school man…
Ah, the Old KB at Harlem and Irving Mall Where Most of the Gaming Gang Used to Pick Up Amazingly Cheap Boardgames
As someone who has spent well over three quarters of my life playing all manner of games I find myself surprised by many of the responses I get regarding our wonderful hobby. One common reaction that leaves me scratching my head normally comes from those who you’d think would be very open minded and…
Elliott is holding his first Miller Family Game Weekend this Saturday and Sunday and I, for one, am wishing him loads of success. I know if I were still back in the Chicago area I'd have headed out to play games all weekend long.…
I  ran across this post by Zev Shlasinger, the head man of Z-Man Games, where he publicly asks if his company was producing too many games. It reads as follows:Am I coming out with too many games?Yes, I am. I have a hard time saying, 'no'. I like many different games and some r…
The Carcassonne Big Box Two is an Amazing Value!
I found myself hanging out with my mom earlier this afternoon and the two of us were fairly bored. Sure we were chatting away yet, once we talked through the usual pleasantries , there wasn’t a whole lot going on this lazy Sunday afternoon. No cable or satellite to kick back to and the pickings were…
It's So Good to be Retired
Why should you stop playing Monopoly? Because there are so many more enjoyable gaming experiences for the whole family. Let's look at the problems inherit in Monopoly.…
A June Games Day in Utah
This weekend is MichiCon 2010, being held at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan and I sure do hope that any gaming hobbyists in the area are planning to attend. It’s a two day event and I’ll gather that there’ll be a good turn out Friday and Saturday. That is my hope at least. Gamers, as much…
Part of the German Fleet at the WWI Batle of Jutland, in 1/6000 Scale
One of the earliest games that I began to play, outside of D&D, was Fletcher Pratt's Naval War Game. It was freshman year and I was attending Lane Tech High School in Chicago.…
Gen Con 2009
With America’s premiere gaming event coming up this weekend here are ten rather simple rules to follow.…
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