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Dark Horse Continues Incorporating Superhero Properties with Project Black Sky

As Dark Horse Comics continues to revamp and relaunch their line of superhero properties it’s more and more apparent these characters are going to occupy a shared world, which will be better fleshed out in a series dubbed Project Black Sky by DH.

In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, Dark Horse Editor Jim Gibbons pointed out that while the growing lineup of heroes share a universe don’t start planning to see a slew of team ups and crossover events since Gibbons stated, “I think it really shows the Dark Horse model that we do a lot of different stuff. We do horror books and sci-fi books and everything imaginable. ‘Black Beetle’ is a superhero book, but it’s also a crime noir book. Where does that live in the world of the big two? Who knows? But here we can do that as well as ‘Captain Midnight’ or any other kind of pulp hero.”

“But for the universe that includes Captain Midnight and Ghost and X, we refer to it as ‘Project Black Sky.’ You can see a little indicator of those titles underneath the Dark Horse logo. It’s a visual indicator that the books are connected in a small way. Hopefully, people will really love these books and we’ll get the chance to expand on that idea even more in the future,” added Gibbons.

And finally, “As a company, we want people to know that we have intentions to making these more than just a series here or a series there. But we don’t want to overwhelm and say, ‘It’s going to be this gigantic thing!’ We want to keep our focus on making the individual books great,” the editor concluded.

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